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The Arsonist by CliveBarker

I used to think that Clive Barker was the Tim Burton of horror but the more I discovered his work, his stories and his artwork I found ...


A candle lights in a dark bedroom.

Cut to wide shot of Priscilla Rich, the blonde young woman resting in bed by the candlelight as it occasionally flickers.

Priscilla: (V.O.) He cannot be gone. Not now.

Cut to Steve lying unconscious still blindfolded. He breathes heavily but then footsteps are heard.

Steve: Is somebody there?

Hippolyta approaches Steve. She does not answer.

Steve: Is that you? Angel?

Hippolyta raises her brow curiously.

Hippolyta: I think you may be referring to my daughter.

Steve: Where is she?

Hippolyta: She’s unable to come I’m afraid. But I will be the one to ask the questions right now. You must answer them truthfully.

Steve: Sure. Anything for my Angel.

Hippolyta gives a smug expression.

She takes out a coil of dark golden rope and slowly unravels it until a certain length of the rope which ends with a large strand of the rope in a circle, like a lasso.

Hippolyta seizes the lasso and slides it over Steve until it is around his upper waist.

Steve: What…?

Hippolyta: In case you lie. Now tell me is there a Sara Trevor?

The lasso around Steve’s waist slowly turns to bright gold energy within the rope as the camera pans up to Steve’s face. He grunts as if affected by the lasso.

Steve: Yes. She was my baby sister. What are you doing to me?

Hippolyta: I have bound you with a lasso of truth. It’s compelling you to speak only the truth. What happened to Sara?

Steve: She was playing in the fields outside our home back in D.C. She was running and playing in the grass and then she was gone. Just gone. Most of my family soon began to accept that either she had been taken or killed and buried in an unmarked resting place.

Hippolyta shows a concerned yet partially sympathetic expression.

Hippolyta: And how had your sister’s mysterious disappearance affected you?

Steve: It tore me apart. I felt like I should have been there to watch over her, to protect her. I still feel guilty but also a need to die and be slain for my mistake. My mother died because of Sara’s vanishing. No girl, no innocent woman, should ever have to endure such pain and injustice. It’s all my fault.

Hippolyta: So you don’t mean any hurt to my daughter?

Steve: No. My lady…

Steve reaches up and touches Hippolyta by the hand. She flinches for a moment but then she relaxes a little as Steve continues to speak.

Steve: My lady, I have become so blessed from the moment I saw your daughter. I do not even know her name but her face and her voice I cannot forget. I would live for her and live to protect her until there is no longer a breath in me. I give you my word, ma’am.

Hippolyta glares at him with wide and seriously concerned and sympathetic eyes. She moves her hand away.

Steve: My lady?

Hippolyta: I think I understand now what kind of man you aspire to be, Major Trevor.

Steve leans back upon the pillow.

Hippolyta: I’d like you to tell me more about yourself. Remember you have to-

Steve: To tell the truth. I know.

Cut to Diana as she lies on her bed. There is a knock on the door.

Diana does not answer.

Hippolyta: (from outside Diana’s room.) Diana? It’s me. We need to talk.

Cut to Hippolyta placing a hand on the door.

Hippolyta: Diana please. Diana, I will always stand by the words which I have spoken to you. It’s all true, Ares and Thrax, the battle of long ago, everything I have said is the truth and I mean it. But it seems that I was wrong about the pilot.

Diana gets up from her bed. She walks to the door.

Diana: Why do you keep from calling him by his name?! His name is Steve!

Hippolyta: I know. I know, child. I just can’t help but remain cautious. Diana please it’s me.

Diana: You know about his past now don’t you?

Hippolyta: I used the lasso on him.

Diana: Mother!

Hippolyta: I thought in case he would be dishonest.

Diana: It’s not dishonesty Mother. Surely men are not all dishonest, at least not the way you’re used to. It’s secrets, something that everybody has. Even the Amazons.

Hippolyta: Secrets. You participated in the contest today wearing a mask and proving yourself lucky in the arena. You disobeyed me behind my back only to prove yourself and to risk yourself for him.

Diana: I have another secret for you. Artemis often breaks into your chambers to practise with your sword

Hippolyta: You know about that?

Diana: Guess that one doesn’t count.

Hippolyta: I have given allowance to Artemis so that she may keep her stamina in combat. I train her just as she has tried to train you.

Diana: Yeah.

Diana opens the door. Both mother and daughter exchange looks before Hippolyta enters carrying something in both hands.

Hippolyta sets the stuff she has carried in her hand down on Diana’s bed.

She picks up one object, a golden tiara.

Hippolyta: This tiara represents that you are of Amazon blood. However it can also be a tool to contact us should you ever need to, using the power of this star ruby.

Hippolyta tapes at the red star ruby in the centre of the tiara with her finger.

Hippolyta: The tiara can also be a useful throwing weapon; to toss it ahead to your intended target and will fly back to you in an instant.

She places the tiara down and picks up a pair of silver bracelets

Hippolyta: I don’t need to tell you what these can do. They’re efficient for protecting yourself against arrows, darts and even bullets. There is a chance that in time of great need, if you remove your bracelets your power will increase but such an action can drive you to a point of madness in the process. Use these well Diana.

The Amazon queen lays the bracelets down next to the tiara before picking something else up.

Hippolyta: The Lasso of Truth, compelling all who come into contact with it to be at their most honest and is virtually indestructible even by us Amazons. The lasso compels obedience onto those bound with it.

Hippolyta then lays out a bright-coloured uniform. First a pair of red boots; then blue shorts followed by a red low-cut top with a golden eagle emblem.

Hippolyta: (O.S.) A uniform that represents a bridge between Themyscira and Man’s World.

Hippolyta turns to Diana.

Hippolyta: That bridge is you Diana. Every hope and prayer rests on you from this point on. Major Trevor has got very little time left. Take him back home to Man’s World, see to it that he gets the best medical attention there and fight for him. Fight for the best of Man and against the worst of them.

Diana throws her arms around her mother, who in turn wraps her own around Diana.

Cut to Hippolyta and Diana, now dressed in the iconic Wonder Woman outfit, boots red with golden lines down the middle front and pure silver Amazonian bracelets.

Hippolyta: You have the ability to fly across limitless distances. But at a time like this, you will need to travel to Man’s World with Major Trevor in this.

As the two Amazons arrive on a part of the beach on Themyscira, a seemingly transparent hatch opens up in mid-air. After this, a transparent crystal flying machine appears.


Hippolyta: The Invisible Crystal Plane. An aircraft with the appearance of see-through crystal but in all times where stealth is needed, this jet will become truly invisible to the naked eye.

She turns to Diana while Steve is loaded into the invisible flight by Artemis and Aresia, one of the younger Amazons; perhaps around Diana’s age.

Hippolyta: Go in peace, my daughter.

Diana wraps her arms around her mother in a loving embrace.


Cut to a night sky as the low sound of an aircraft is heard yet nothing can be seen. The camera whooshes to the left as an invisible force flies as fast as lightning.

Cut to Diana who sits in the cockpit of the invisible craft, her hands are on the steering control while Steve rests in the seat behind her.

Diana turns quickly to look at Steve as he rests.

Hippolyta: (V.O.) See that the pilot receives care for his wounds.

Cut to a farmhouse as the invisible craft makes a slow and quiet landing behind the barn.

Diana gets out from her seat. She walks up to the front door of the farmhouse.

She knocks on the door. After a minute of waiting and knocking a second time, Diana turns.

Cut to Steve being picked up and carried out of the jet by Diana. The camera moves back slightly as Diana walks from the farmhouse, carrying Steve in her arms.

Steve slowly moans.

His eyes open slightly to see Wonder Woman above him.

Steve: Angel…

Diana puts her finger to his lips.

Diana: Shhh. Rest.

Steve loses consciousness again.

Diana looks back up.

The camera moves up and around as she looks on for a moment and starts running out onto the road at an incredible speed.


Cut to the reception area of a hospital. A nurse is standing behind the desk. She is looking at paperwork.

Diana walks up to the reception desk. The nurse looks up, she looks at Diana somewhat startled and surprised by the sight of this beautiful woman in such an amazing outfit.

Diana: This man is in great pain. He needs medical attention. Now.

The nurse nods speechlessly.

Diana places Steve on a gurney before the nurse, accompanied by two or three doctors and surgeons take hold of the gurney and push it down the hall.

Diana looks on, with a hopeful yet anxious expression.

As she turns back, she notices something.

A door to one of the hospital wards has been left open.

Diana quietly slips in through the door.

The camera moves in to reveal a sickly obese and malnourished young woman resting in bed. Her face is looking to the unblended window to her right as Diana takes notice of her.

The sick girl turns to see Wonder Woman who steps back.

Diana: I’m sorry.

Etta: There’s no need to be.

Diana: I thought I disturbed you.

Etta: You didn’t. I can’t sleep now.

Diana gently saunters into the room and quietly steps towards the bed as she whispers.

Diana: So why are you here?

Etta: The doctor says it’s a diabetic seizure. But I don’t remember it at all.

Diana sits down on Etta’s bedside.

She notices a bag on the chair beside the malnourished woman. The camera pans in as it picks up on a name tag that reads: Etta “Candy” Fitzgerald.

Diana: Do you prefer to be called Etta or Candy?

Etta giggles innocently.

Etta: Both.

Diana gives a mild shrug.

Diana: Fair enough.

Etta sighs through her nose.

Etta: What’s your name?

Diana looks at Etta, after a moment of staring out into oblivion.

Diana: I don’t have a name. It’s a little odd really.

Etta: No, it’s not.

Diana: Well, pretty soon I will find my name and for now you can simply call me…

Diana takes Etta’s hand and gently grasps it with her other.

Diana: A friend.

Etta smiles.

Etta: Will I ever see you again?


Behind Diana’s sweet grin, there is an anxious and pensive look hidden in her speaking blue eyes.

Steve: (V.O.) Will I ever hear you again?

Cut to Diana back on Themyscira, in a flashback, where she sits beside Steve while he’s blindfolded and resting.

Diana: I’m sorry?

Steve: Will I ever hear your voice again?

Diana leans forward.

Diana: I don’t know.

She takes Steve by the hand and grasps it gently with her other hand.

Diana: But you will return to your people soon and safe.

Steve: Home.

Diana nods sympathetically.

Diana: Yes. Home.

Steve: I don’t think that Home would be worth returning to without you.

Diana’s sympathetic smile turns to a crestfallen grimace.

Steve: Your voice…It smittens me. Yet I don’t know anything about you, where you come from, what you look like… Who are you?

Diana looks hard at Steve.

Steve: Please…let me see you.

Diana sighs.

She slowly gets a thin stick out from the box on the bedside table.

Diana: You want to see my face?

Steve: Yeah.

Diana: very well. I will allow that but you must get some sleep afterwards.

Steve: But I can’t.

Diana: I have something that will help you.

Steve: All right.

Diana lifts her hand up to Steve’s blindfold.

She slowly lifts the blindfold up from his eyes.

From Steve’s point of view, his vision comes into focus and before his eyes is the beautiful Diana, long dark hair, blue eyes and voluptuous build.

Steve: Wow…

Diana smiles sweetly before taking up the thin stick and sticking it into Steve’s arm. With a low moan, he leans his head back and slowly passes out.

Diana: Sleep.

Diana’s beautiful voice gently echoes through the air.


Cut back to Diana as Wonder Woman in Etta’s hospital ward as Etta falls asleep. Wonder Woman lets go of Etta’s hand and gets up from the bed. She saunters out through the door.

Cut to Wonder Woman as she walks down the street. A dark figure appears, walking from around the corner behind the Amazon.


As she walks further down, a second man joins the first.

Vagrant: (O.S.) Check this broad out.

Wonder Woman gives a fearful expression. She quickly turns into a dark alleyway.

Vagrant 2: Where ya going, sweetheart?

She turns back for a moment before walking down the alley. Suddenly a third figure stands in her way.

Wonder Woman looks nervous but her narrowing eyes indicate a blend of fear, defiance and righteous frustration.

Vagrant 3: Well hello beautiful.

The third vagrant slowly walks closer while Wonder Woman steps back from him.

Vagrant 3: Come on, sweetie. I know what you need.

Wonder Woman: I don’t wish any harm but I’d appreciate it if you’d kindly step aside.

Vagrant 3: Oh boy, somebody’s in a foul mood tonight.

The Amazon places her hands on her hips as the other two men walks up behind her.

Vagrant 1: Maybe she’s delirious. Walking about in a colourful bathing suit at night and not wanting to be warmed up.

Vagrant 3: perhaps we can help with that.

Wonder Woman: I will not ask again. Please let me go.

Vagrant 2: Ha! Wannebe damsel this one.

Vagrant 3: You see? She’s asking for it…

The third vagrant grabs Wonder Woman’s arm but suddenly she takes his hand with her right hand and suddenly snaps it.

The vagrant screams in pain before being shoved onto the ground by Wonder Woman. She is then grabbed around the neck by the second vagrant who brandishes a knife.

Wonder Woman: You don’t know who you’re messing with.

Vagrant 2: Really?

Wonder Woman: See for yourself.

She seizes the vagrant’s wrists, grips it so tight that he drops his blade before she throws him over her, slamming him onto his back.

Wonder Woman then lands a punch in the first vagrant’s face. She then turns around to see the third vagrant, the one who tried to rape her, cowering as he slinks further away from her.

Vagrant 3: Please don’t hurt me.

Wonder Woman kneels down in front of the thug.

Wonder Woman: I’m not going to hurt you. But only if you promise never to touch any girl against her wishes. And to never hurt anyone again.

Vagrant 3: All right. I promise.

Wonder Woman shows an expression of sincere kindness on her face.

Wonder Woman: If you go back on your word then I will come after you.

The vagrant fearfully nods.

Wonder Woman stands up and walks away causally.


Cut to Steve lying in the hospital bed. The door opens. Priscilla, Steve’s attractive and beautiful fiancé steps in through the open door.

As Steve come to, he turns to see Priscilla, who runs up and hugs Steve tenderly.

Priscilla: You’re all right.

A tear runs down Priscilla’s cheek.

Steve: Yeah. I’m fine.

Priscilla: But how? What happened Steve?

Steve: I don’t really remember. First my plane…It crashed and then…all I can remember was two beautiful women, their voices….They must have blindfolded me. One of them was this really beautiful and wonderful girl with this most heavenly voice. The last thing I can remember is that perhaps this wonderful girl carried me away. Maybe she carried me here.

Priscilla looks concerned.

Priscilla: Can you remember anything else?

Steve: No.

Priscilla: Well, the thing is that you’re here and that we’re together.

She holds Steve’s hand.

Cut to the third vagrant rushed into hospital. The camera pans until we see the other vagrants talking with a police officer.

Chief: So run this by me once more. The three of you were just walking home when this female in a fancy swimsuit appeared out of nowhere and attacked your friend. Did I leave anything out?

Vagrant 2: No.

Chief: All right. Well, unless this woman has a change of clothes then she can’t be hard to spot so we’ll find her.

Vagrant 1: Thanks officer.

Cut to the farmhouse where Diana’s invisible vessel is. The camera pans in as a chilling gale of wind rushes in the air.

Cut to a dark steel gloved hand with sharp fingers clutching the corner of the house where the invisible jet sits. The tall and dark armoured warrior, known as Ares, appears from around said corner.

The steel-clad God of War draws out his sharp finger and touches the air, until suddenly the vessel appears visible.

Ares’ red eyes beam gleefully behind his helmet.


Cut to Wonder Woman as she walks back to the farmhouse.

As she turns, she finds that her invisible vessel is now visible and that the dark God of War is seated in the cockpit.

Wonder Woman: You!

Ares gets out of the cockpit.

He slowly walks around the Amazon.

Ares begins to speak in a low, deep and shrill voice.

Ares: You have grown, child.

Wonder Woman: What do you intend to do?

Ares: Nothing. I have a right to visit my child, do I not?

Wonder Woman keeps her fists raised in a fighting stance.

Wonder Woman: You’re not my father.

Ares: That I’m not. But I feel so much like I am. Your mother was always such a sweet flower. But you, her most magnificent spawn a beautiful rose that has bloomed so well.

Ares plays with Wonder Woman’s hair. She tries to punch him but he quickly pulls his hand away.

Ares: And so feisty. You are the crown jewel of your mother’s life, aren’t you? I must be such a lucky king.

Wonder Woman: Don’t flatter yourself. What are you really up to?

Ares: Nothing at all, my dear. I just intend on stopping the Axis, just as you are. Perhaps we could call a truce.

Wonder Woman: I do not ally myself with men who force themselves on my mother.

Ares: Well if you feel so strongly about that then so be it. But be warned, I will find you again.

Ares disappears as he turns away from Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman puts her fists down and unclenches them as she stands straight.

Her invisible jet suddenly turns invisible again.

To be continued...


PotterPoint-Zero's Profile Picture
Aspiring Filmmaker/Writer/Autistic
United Kingdom
I am an aspiring filmmaker, artist and writer. My interests are Batman, specifically Tim Burton, Animated Series, Arkham games and the Chris Nolan universe.

Favourite filmmakers include Tim Burton, Peter Jackson, Chris Nolan and Walt Disney.

Favourite actors include Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman, Zooey Deschanel, Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Liv Tyler, Tom Hardy, Andy Serkis, Sally Field and Rhys Ifans. Also am starting to become a fan of Lynda "Wonder Woman" Carter.

Favourite cartoon characters are Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Homer Simpson, Mr. Burns, Sidewhow Bob, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Quasimodo, Frollo, Phoebus and Esmerelda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Batman, The Joker and of course Harley Quinn. OOh! I forgot Jack Skellington!!

Favourite comic book characters/superhero(es): Batman, Spider-Man, V (V for Vendetta), Hellboy, The Joker, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, The red Hood, The Penguin, The Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Venom and Carnage, Iron Man, Beast from the X-Men, Wonder Woman and The Crow

Personal quotes: 1): A firearm is an Idiot's Instrument; loud, infernal, dangerous and stupid!

My most important and favorite persona quote:
The girl you just called fat... She's overdosing on diet pills.
The girl you just called ugly... She spends hours putting makeup on hoping people will like her.
The boy you just tripped... He is abused enough at home.
See that man with the ugly scars... He fought for his country.
The guy you just made fun of for crying... His mother is dying.

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