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The Arsonist by CliveBarker

I used to think that Clive Barker was the Tim Burton of horror but the more I discovered his work, his stories and his artwork I found ...



Warlock 3 (Ashley Laurence) by PotterPoint-Zero
Warlock 3 (Ashley Laurence)
Here's another set of damsel screencaps of Ms Laurence in the horror sequel Warlock 3: The End of Innocence.

Ashley is tied up for a ritual. Will our beloved scream queen make it out of this satanic insanity??

Watch the full movie here:…
Savate (Ashley Laurence) by PotterPoint-Zero
Savate (Ashley Laurence)
For Ashley Laurence fans and fans of damsels in distress. Here is screencaps of her rare bondage/DiD scene in the 90s Western action film, Savate.

Full movie:…
Hauntress comparison by PotterPoint-Zero
Hauntress comparison
As part of a project, I had to cover up, make The Hauntress' alluring outfit less revealing and provocative. But which version of my superheroine's costume do you like better? The original sexy on the left or the more covere dup version on the right? be sure to post a comment.

Artwork created by Art-Gem:
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
In this very moment, nine year old Holly Hunt finds herself brooding through many school days, it has only been months since the untimely and perilous death of her parents in the fire that consumed their house from inside out. This whole time, little Holly couldn’t help but ask herself questions that only make her sick. How did that fire start? Was it just an accident? Did Daddy carelessly leave the gas on in the kitchen? Could someone have staged the fire? Did someone want to kill my parents? Or was it Daddy that meant to set the house on fire? With himself and Mommy still inside? And me? But why would Daddy wanna kill himself? Why would he even risk Mommy to burn to death? Or me, for that matter? Sure, he would leave constantly but he was a busy man and he’d always tell me how much he loved me, his little darling princess. So why would he do such a terrible thing?

Every question that Holly continues to think only makes things more troubling for her, causing her to break into tears even in class. After her parents’ death, Holly was taken into foster care, living with her Aunt Eve, Mommy’s younger sister. Eve tried making things easy for her but the young brunette girl now withdraws even further from everything and everyone, locking herself in her new bedroom.

At the age of eleven, Holly Hunt walks down a corridor in Old Town Junior High, clutching onto the straps of her backpack when a gorgeous looking girl, perhaps thirteen years old, is standing before a younger girl, slightly smaller than the blonde. The girl is standing against a wall, fearfully looking up at the tall blonde who gloats, “If I can’t have your lunch money, Jessie,” The adolescent emphasises the brunette girl’s name with mock friendliness with a hint of spite in her voice. “I’ll POUND it out of you like the merry crowds of England!”

Jessie begins to sob. Noticing the younger girl’s distress, Holly struts over towards the towering blonde. Clearing her throat loudly, she watches the blonde turn around and looks up at her face.

“What do you want, Snow White?”

Holly responds to the blonde’s smart-ass question with a violent strike to the stomach, causing the tormentor to grunt in pain. “You little bitch!” She rasps through gritted teeth before Holly pounce son her, landing a violent punch across the face, making the face bleed.

“DON’T…EVER…BULLY…ANYONE!” The doe-eyed brunette girl watches for a moment as her blue-eyed schoolmate and rescuer beats the living shit out of the blonde teenager. It takes four members of staff to tear the screaming, punching girl away from the bully, who remains whining and keeping a hand on her bloodied nose and mouth.

“GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME!!!” Holly’s scream echoes through the hallway, startling and shocking all who know her as they see a new side to this girl. Even Jessie couldn’t help but glare at Holly for her violent display, even if it might have been with the best intentions.

Later, Holly sits outside the principal’s office while her Aunt Eve listens to the principal’s account, cooperated from other people’s account of what happened. Moments later, Eve leaves the office to see her dark haired niece, bitter, violent and raging more than an hour ago and now calm, docile and bitterer. The little girl looks up at her aunt.

“Let’s hear it.” Eve says sternly. “Did you hurt that girl I just heard about, Natalie?”

Holly nods timidly. “She was tormenting Jessie, just so she could steal her lunch money.” Holly states guilt a hint of guilt in her voice. “She’s done it before and they don’t do anything about it. She had to pay. I-I was so angry…”

“So? Feeling better now?” Eve asks firmly.

Holly falls silent and looks down.

“Holly, even if Natalie has hurt people without any kind of apology or penance, it still doesn’t give you the right to beat her up. It’s just…not the way and it certainly won’t do any good.”

“No, but it’ll do ME some good!” Holly exclaims in her mind.

Soon Holly Hunt wakes up, now thirty-six years old, in a strange place. It looks like a dark alleyway. As her blue eyes look down, she realises she is now laid out in a garbage bin, her naked body slightly wrapped in a plastic packaging. “What the fuc-?”

Suddenly a gloved hand reaches down to touch Holly’s plastic wrapped body but then suddenly her arm reaches out from beneath to grab the man’s wrist tightly. Startled by Holly’s action and surprisingly infernal grip, the owner of the gloved hand gasps in shock and grunt sin pain.

Despite being amazed at how strong her grasp is, Holly remains stoic and almost as furious as she usually attempts to act whenever she’s taken captive by bad guys. “Where the hell am I? Did you wrap me up like this?”

The man, a fifty-something year old dressed like a homeless bum, stutters, “You were lying out in the gutter around 4am! You didn’t have any clothe son. I thought you were another Shrike victim. So I thought I’d do you a favor to bury you…”

The old bum trails off nervously as he notices Holly’ her hand still gripping his gloved hand, slowly and elegantly, with little to no effort at all, rising from the plastic and garbage, completely naked. Absolutely no clothes!

“Eyes up here please!” Holly exclaims demandingly, clearing her throat as she does, causing the old man to look back up at her face rather than her bare breasts. “What Shrike?” The nude reporter narrows her eyes inquisitively. “You must be new in town? The Shrike is one of the most mysterious and most dangerous criminals in this city, a prolific rapist and murderer, but nobody has ever seen the killer and lived to talk about it!”

Holly looks down at her hand holding the bum’s hand. “If I let go of your hand, no funny business?” The old man nods hesitantly. “Y-yeah. Sure. You got it.” With that, she lets go.

“Now all I need is something to dress me up until I can get back to my apartment.” Holly then sees a long brown trench coat, she grabs it and throw sit over herself, hiding her nakedness and only showing her bare feet and thighs.

“You gonna be okay?” The bum asks.

“Yeah, I think so. And by the way, if you find a new Shrike victim again, do better respect to them and call the authorities. The dead are more at home in a cemetery.” With that, Holly looks around her before quickly making a run for it, only to end up doing something she’d never thought she could do; she makes an unbelievable leap in the air from where she stood all the way to around the next corner, on her way home.

Once back in her apartment, Holly throws away the trench coat and slips into a black bra and underwear, a turtleneck sweater, a denim skirt and a pair of black boots. Feeling tired and exhausted, despite having just woken up, she collapses flat onto her bed, feeling the warm, homely comfort of it, relief that she’s back after a long and painful night at the mercy of Professor Gore and his assistant doctor Griffith Lovecraft. “What were they doing?” Holly thinks to herself. “Just what were they up to exactly, what did they do to me? And what were they doing to me while I was unconscious?” Just as Holly tries to shrug these thoughts away, something rings; she goes to the front door to find her cell phone on the welcome mat inside her apartment. Somehow one of those thugs who’ve abducted her must have taken phone to see if there was anything on it that would incriminate them and then decided to send it back to her just now. This is the only explanation that Holly can think of.

Holding the ringing phone up and seeing the name “Joel W” on the display screen, Holly presses the green button and holds the cell to her ear. “Hello?”

A male voice speaks up. “Holly’ it’s Joel. Where have you bene all day? The Guru’s been asking after you. He seems pretty pissed.”

Holly wipes her eyes. “Death in the family. Among a couple of other disasters.” She pauses for a second. “Uh huh,” Joel murmurs on the other end. “Joel, do you have anything on a certain string of sex crimes? Murders specifically?”

“This is the Shrike, right?”

“I guess so.”

“What’s this about, Holly?”

“I’ll explain later. I’ll see you in about an hour. And you can tell Bill that too.” Holly then hangs up without as much as saying goodbye.

Immediately, the brunette, statuesque reporter heads for the door, only to stop again to see a photograph of herself with Sara, the armless young woman who once helped her while she was travelling abroad.

Now, in Columbia where Holly and Sara first met and have now been taken prisoner by a gang of mercenaries, the two young women are firmly tied to posts in the mercenary camp, well Sara is secured to her pole with a large amount of rope due to her having only one arm, while Holly has her wrists around the back of the pole and tied together while her ankles are just bound together. Just outside the tent, the kidnappers sits around playing cards.

While Sara simply remains stoic, silent and as close to calm as you can possibly get, Holly struggles against her bonds, grunting with all her might, for the last five minutes she’s been doing this. “Holly, stop. It’s not worth it.”

After letting out her umpteenth grunt of defiance in bondage, Holly looks at Sara. “How can you be so calm? We’re in the camp of slavers, tied up and, at best, sold to be playthings or, at worst, mutilated and dead!”

“I am terrified. But life’s just too short to be constantly struggling all the time. Especially when you know your life can end any second.” Sara looks down both helplessly but also with a touch of wisdom as if she knows that what she says is a fact of life.

Holly shakes her head. “No…No, don’t say that. You’re young, you still have a whole life ahead.” As she says this to Sara, she continues to tug at her wrist bonds.

“Maybe I do, but then maybe I don’t. Who the hell knows?”

“I do.” Holly says boldly. “At least…I know that you have a lot to live for. You saved me when I didn’t expect anybody to do so. You must know some things about this men, you’ve kept me safe so far and all this with just one arm.”

“You’ve only known me for less than a day, Holly.”

Holly bites her lip in thought. “You know how to fight?”

“Surprisingly, yeah.”

“If we can get out of this, I’ll let you train me.”

Sara looks at her new friend in confusion. “What?”

“That’s why I’m here. You know how to fight. I wanna learn. I NEED to learn and I won’t leave your sight until you teach me, whether we get out of this mess or not!” Holly insistently whispers, hoping not to arouse the attention of their captors.

Sara looks to the side, biting her lip. She turns back to Holly. “Scream for help.”


“If you scream as loud as you can, they’ll come back, untie you and take you away to be put down. They’ll only bind your hands again but you’ve got to hit them and do it quick then you’ll have a chance.”


“Just do it.”


Holly’s high-pitched screams startle the Columbian captors who suddenly drop their playing cards down and charge into the tent.


The tall, muscular merc strikes Holly across the face, causing her to scream again. Soon he shoves a long strip of cloth inbetween her lips, pulling it all around her cheeks and head, tying off the ends behind her head. “HLLP!! HMMPH!”

“There! That’ll shut you up.”

Holly chatters like mad through her cleave gag. “This won’t be enough. This one’s been struggling and moaning the whole time. We have to silence her for good!”

The chubby man cuts Holly’s wrist and ankle bonds so she can walk. “Once we’ve sliced this woman’s head off, I think we’ll see how well you can pole dance for the boys. Considering you’ve only one arm and everything…” The muscular man teases Sara, who looks at Holly.

“I’m sorry…”

Suddenly, with the cleave gag still in her mouth, Holly Hunt strikes the chubby man with a hard kick into his stomach before landing a violent strike to the tall captor’s face, creating a bloody scar on his cheek with her long fingernails. “AAARGH!”  As the two men struggle with their physical blows, Holly removes the gag from her mouth, takes a blade and swiftly slices the ropes off Sara, freeing the one-armed girl. “Get out of here!”

Sara hesitates for a moment. “Sara, go now!”

Soon, as her new friend makes a fats run for it, the young brunette makes such a loud, violent and frantic rumpus in the tent that several other men barge in, surrounding Holly, who proceeds to take them on. This proves a mistake as one man suddenly shoves a handkerchief on her face, muffling her cries and drugging her. The blue-eyed beauty struggles for a moment only to fall asleep to the fresh scent of chloroform. Her body collapses lifelessly.

The army of Columbians gather closely around Holly Hunt, looming over her sleeping body. “Well,” says the tall, muscular man, tending to the bloody gash that his brunette captive gave him. “Two lovely female arms is so much better than one.”

Back in the present day, Holly marches out of the elevator and down the hall of The Herald Hawk, still clad in her turtleneck sweater and denim skirt and boots, a sight which seems to stun everybody in the workplace that notices her; a series of shocked whispers fill half the office space as the intrepid brunette storms down to the main office. “Oh my God!” and “Didn’t she get kidnapped again?” and the last thing that reaches Holly’s ears is “Look, it’s the Herald Damsel!” After stopping in her footsteps and briefly turning around both shocked and slightly offended, Holly turns back towards the door which reads “WILLIAM KANE CHIEF EDITOR”, she pauses for a moment, contemplating what may happen should she walk through this door, in casual attire, after having been missing for half a day without any explanation at all. She thinks about this and then at last she enters the room to find Bill Kane, sitting at his office desk, while Joel West, a handsome, dapper young man with dark hair, sits in the chair opposite him. Both their heads turn towards the door to see Holly dressed in her casual wear.

“Holly…” Joel says, looking concerned.

“Where the hell have you been? How come you haven’t bene here all day?”

“Hasn’t Joel told you? A death in the family? Not to mention,” Holly looks down at what she’s’ currently wearing and then gestures to it with her hand. “Basically, when I get back to my apartment, I found that my washroom had bene set on fire. All my work clothes, gone! I mean, what is this city coming to when a woman’s laundry is no longer safe, huh?”

She saunters towards the second chair beside Joel’s seat and sits down, assuming a formal position, crossing her bare legs, clasping both her hands over her knee. “So what did I miss?”

Bill glares at his beautiful employee impatiently. “Good question. I have a better one. What the hell did I miss from you?” Holly’s eyes beam as if Bill caught her doing something she shouldn’t. Bill leans forward in his seat. “I don’t think I need to remind you that a reporter who constantly gets into danger, specifically the most extreme near-death kind, is not a good image in any way, least of all for such a promising talent like yourself, let alone for such a high profile newspaper company as The Herald Hawk.”

“I’ve only gotten in danger twice!” Holly argues.

“Three. Three times, if you count last night when I found out that from Mr. West here that you decided to snoop around,”

“Snoop?” Holly scoffs.

“To investigate a shady warehouse where gangsters and heroin addicts tend to hang out in, since it was abandoned by the state council which was only more than a year ago, at the risk of getting yourself captured, or worse, murdered! Is that what you want, Holly?”

Holly glares at Bill, breathing through her nose while Joel widens his eyes in surprise. “No.” She replies.

“No, of course you don’t,” Bill mutters, leaning back.

“It’s just…Life’s too short to be constantly struggling all the time, especially when you know your life can end any second.” Holly says this as if she is reciting the words of a late, great historical poet. She bites her lower lip. “I joined The Hawk for a very serious reason, Bill.” She puts certain emphasis on her boss’ first name. “To find justice and truth. I’ve seen so many people lie, cheat, even murder. I’m sure that you’ve seen your share of violence and deceit in Nam. If I have to put myself in danger, if it means exposing the corrupt and unjust, so what if I get kidnapped and butchered, so long as I manage to bring shed enough light on those who prey on others who are helpless. So if you want to fire me, go right ahead. But I can tell you that you WON’T find anyone who’s more determined to seek the truth about crime like I am.”

Bill lets out a sigh as he sinks back into his seat. Lifting a finger, he points it at Holly and says, “Two weeks leave and no pay. You try anything funny like this again, you’re gonna have to be let go.”

“All right,” Holly gets up out of her seat. “I think I’ll pay my mother a visit.” She says sardonically as she walks out of the office.

On her way to the elevator, Joel hurries up behind her. “Holly, wait.” He calls out calmly, causing the tall brunette to turn around. With a folder in his hand, Joel approaches Holly. “The Shrike files you asked me for.”

But just as Holly reaches out for the file, Joel recoils back. “What’s this about, Holly?”

Tightening her lips, Holly snatches the folder out of Joel’s hand. “Justice.” She looks him in the eye as she says this and then turns back around to the elevator and enters. “Strange man,” She thinks to herself. Already she was beginning to see that Joel is a good man, calm, steady and with good intentions and yet there’s just something about him that doesn’t seem right, as well as how sleepy-eyed he looks. What does her get up at nights, Holly has no idea, though she aches to know.

Back in her apartment, clad in her white pyjamas, Holly pored over several different notes surrounding the murders of this so-called Shrike. All the different notes had the same pattern; a young, attractive woman walks down the street alone and then a mysterious figure, cloaked in shadow, approaches them and snatches them from behind, dragging them off the street and having his way with them.

All stories remained the same, save one: Margot Nicolls. According to the final note as written by Joel West, Margot was just walking home after a friend’s birthday bash when a gloved hand suddenly clamped over her mouth while an arm swiftly pulled her into a dark, secluded alleyway, as the masked man, who had the appearance of a homeless man, like the one who found Holly naked in the street, except this one wore a heavy parka coat zipped all the way the front with gloves to hide the hands and obviously to avoid all traces of fingerprints, this masked bum harshly tore Margot’s shirt open and pulled down her skirt ready to assault her sexually when suddenly Margot raised her clenched fist to reveal that she was holding a strange set of blades within the grip of her fingers before kicking the man in the balls but then just after Margot got back on her feet she was mortally stabbed, wounded in the stomach by a knife from the homeless-looking rapist.

It was so terrifying but soon, after a passer-by found a bleeding Margot on the street, after crawling out of the alleyway, the half raped girl was quickly transported to a nearby hospital where she managed to recover from her traumatic ordeal and fatal wound, with help from the best doctors and nurses. Somehow Joel was able to pay a visit to poor Margot and record her account. But why wouldn’t he get it out, publish the story? Maybe he’s trying to protect her and save her possible humiliation. Or is it to serve an ulterior purpose? Maybe he’s the Shrike! That would explain how sleepy he looks in the eyes. Could it be that spending his nights stalking, assaulting and disposing of gorgeous young women resulted in him looking like an insomniac??

Between Joel briefly hesitating to give her these files and his sleepiness, Holly could only suspect this possible revelation.

Soon Holly’s thoughts of vanishing female victims of a faceless freak eventually shaped into memories that should be distant; Holly Hunt, having freed her new friend, Sara, only to remain a captive herself, was now being manhandled and forced along the camps, hands bound behind her with rope, with a cleave gag back in her mouth, as she continue to struggle fruitlessly.

On her way, the lovely brunette sees sights that both frighten and anger her, several women and children locked in metal cages, crying, one particular child was bleeding out. Some of their Columbian captors were wearing a strange, freaky and chilling mask that hid their face to full effect. Eventually, Holly is stashed in a cage of her own, hands still bound behind her.

After mildly struggling and shaking and jerking her head, Holly manages to work the gag out of her mouth, when a very young child clutches to the bars from her cage opposite Holly’s. “Why are you here?”

The bound woman turns around to see the small, eleven-year old girl speak to her. She approaches the end of her cage and gets down on her knees beside the equally imprisoned girl. “What do you mean?”

“They took us and put us in cages because of our beauty.” The girl replies, looking down with her hands holding the bars. “Why did they put you here?”

Holly looks away, still tugging at her wrist bonds. “I did things. Things a girl, a good girl, isn’t supposed to do. Things a girl, good or bad, shouldn’t be proud of.”

Moments later, two of the Columbian men, clad in the chilling masks, unlock the door to Holly’s cage. “Come on, senorita. This is it. You get to serve a higher purpose!”

Holly gets up on her feet just to get grabbed by one the stocky captor who holds her bare arms with a tight, firm and somewhat grope-like grip. “What’s the matter, baby? Was that gag too loose for you?” The slender Columbian holds up a long roll of vet wrap and starts pulling at it. “We can fix that.”

Holly glares at her slender but strong kidnapper defiantly, though in her heart she feels that this could be the end for her; far away from home, held prisoner and locked in a cage by mad, heartless men and now..

“HMMM!” Holly screams as she begins to feel her mouth totally covered by the vet wrap as the slender kidnapper wraps it around the back of her head and back around her mouth and over and over until at last Holly Hunt is tightly gagged with a heavy wrap. She chatters and yells through her gag, which only muffles her voice more than the cleave ever did! Soon, after the chubby man firmly binds her feet, Holly is now carried over his shoulder, struggling and crying out for help only to receive hard spanks on her rear end.

She is taken to into a secluded camp where she is thrown down into an open sleeping bag where the tall, slender captor slowly creeps on top of her. Her eyes wide with fright, Holly Hunt knew that in just a second, she was about to be an impending victim of assault…..

The Hauntress: Origins II
In this second part of The Hauntress' Origin story, Holly Hunt discovers a string of murders committed by a mysterious sex fiend as well as a potential source of corruption within her workplace at The Herald Hawk! All the while, she gets haunting flashbacks of her past both as a troubled schoolgirl and as a captive in a Columbian trafficking camp...

Holly Hunt/The Hauntress - Liv Tyler
Joel West - Hugh Dancy
Bill Kane - Christopher Parker
Sara - Katharine Isabelle
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
It’s only a matter of time before Holly Hunt can leave her office at The Herald Hawk. There she sits, in a swivel chair, her stocking feet clenched safely in black stiletto heels, her manicured fingers lightly drumming the edge of her desk. It’s only been her second week working as a reporter at The Hawk, under the employment of William Kane, a middle-aged African-American of average height but of a stocky, muscular build as if he’s still fit to join a raging war in Afghanistan. Holly is a stellar young beauty in her mid-thirties; fair complexion, long dark hair tied back in a ponytail, full rosy lips and a statuesque figure. You would think that Holly Hunt would make an excellent model for a shampoo commercial or a swimsuit magazine but no, instead she chose a job at The Hawk. Now here she is, eagerly waiting for her job to end.

As her mind wanders from the ticking clock, the big hand a gentle inch away from reaching the number twelve with the small hand resting on the number five, Holly draws her eyes to a photograph of herself, her long hair down and in a simple white baggy T-shirt, her arm around another woman, a slightly younger girl with brown hair, matching eyes and one arm totally missing. Smiling fondly at the picture, Holly lifts her head as the clock chimes; it is now 5:00pm! As quitting time approaches at last, Holly slides her hand bag strap over her shoulder and quickly darts for the doors in a desperate hope to be the first to leave for home.

Once outside the building of The Hawk newspaper, Holly Hunt gets into her Rover Streetwise, the kind of car that nobody seems to make anymore, and turns on the ignition. She had to do something. She clutches onto her steering wheel and presses her stiletto-clad foot on the brakes, driving her vehicle forward as she drives out of the Herald Hawk parking lot. She had to do something. Holly is just more than halfway down the freeway when she stops at the red light; one way to her left would take her back to her apartment while the other turn, on the right, would take her someplace else. She peeks towards the left from the corner of her eye before turning her steering wheel just enough that when the green light appears her car would turn right and that’s what she does. She turns toward the opposite of home. Holly Hunt had something to do. Something very important.

Not long afterwards, Holly parks her Streetwise just outside a warehouse. She is not supposed to be here; this warehouse is the one said to be used by criminal gangs and junkies. This would be the second time Holly goes in to snoop where she shouldn’t. Previously she had followed a car of crooks, a family known as the Berserkers, into a dark forest. They were taking bags of money they had just robbed from the National Bank and burn it all for their own twisted enjoyment. No matter how careful and quiet Holly was, one of them, a red-haired boy named Twitch caught the intrepid journalist hiding in a bush and soon they’d tied her to a tree, stuffed her mouth to stop her calling for help and danced wildly around her in the dead of night as the cash they had stolen burned in the inferno of the woods. After a while the Berserkers chose to leave her there, roped to the tree and her mouth tightly stuffed while they were on their way to leave the country. After hours of cold bondage, Holly was found by a local sheriff and freed before going back to her home city in Stockholm City. Now here she is, outside a warehouse in Stockholm and ready to investigate what’s going on here, despite a sincere warning from her boss Kane.

Finding a broken window, Holly reaches down to her heels and slowly removes them, one by one, before quietly stepping in through the window. On tiptoe, she sneaks around the premises, peeking around every nook and corner for anybody who could easily nab her but there’s no ill luck of that….so far.

Holding her heel shoes in one hand and a flashlight in the other, Holly noticed a door slightly open, a crack of light seeping through it. Seizing her chance upon hearing voices, she switches off her flashlight and tiptoes toward the open door; flattening herself against the wall beside it. The beautiful reporter peers around the corner to find a group of men, sporting black ski masks, gathered around a table. “We’re gonna go over this just once. We gotta get this damn thing right!” demands the tall, stocky mask at other end of the table, presumably their leader. Holly slips a small tape recorder out of her breast pocket and quietly presses the Record button, in the hope of tracking every detail of what these thugs plan to do.

“This Professor guy ain’t paying us for screwing around. He wants us to move the bodies tonight.” Holly mouths the name “Professor” with her full lips, her blue eyes peering into the darkness pensively. “Could it be one who teaches at the Klaw University for Criminology?” She wonders to herself. “We’ll drive them to the Institute where he’ll meet us. He wants us to put them in the lab where they store all the other frozen bodies. If we do this right, the Professor knows somebody who will pay us an ass-load of cash! Any crap-butt questions in particular?”


A high, darkish voice speaks up. “Why do we need to give the man frozen bodies?” The stocky mash heave sin frustration. “The Professor needs bodies for some experiment to bring the dead back to life, you stupid anus!” Holly lets out a low gasp while her thumb, lightly positioned over the Stop button, stops the audio recording but then one of the thugs whisper. “We are not alone here…”

Her eyes widening upon realising her mistake, Holly quickly slips the cassette recorder into her handbag along with her shoes and suddenly starts making a run for it. “Well, look, Charlie Brown,” utters the stocky thug behind Holly as she runs farther and farther away. “We’ve found Snoopy!”

One of the goons catch up with her and snatch her by the arm but then she throws her handbag against his head, knocking him off her as she runs out of the warehouse, making a surprisingly miraculous leap out through the broken window through which she entered the building. “Yes!” Holly exclaims to herself. “They didn’t catch me and I will start a new investigation against these goons and the “Professor” they work for!” She thinks to herself as she finally reaches her car but then just as she is about to reach into her bag for her keys, a hand clutching a rag of cloth instantly clamps over Holly’s mouth and nose; another arm winding itself around her body and seizing it tight. Letting out a muffled cry through the rag silencing her and sending what smells like chloroform up her nostrils, Holly struggles with all her might before slowly closing her increasingly heavy eyes, her hand letting go of the hand holding her face, her body going limp.

Her eyes seeing pitch black one moment, she would see her old bedroom, nine year old Holly had just had a birthday less happy than her previous ones. She was resting in her bed when she could smell angry fumes and smoke seeping through her closed door. Throwing her head up upon detecting the infernal stench of smoke and fire, young Holly charges towards the door and pulls it open to find the hallway immersed in a powerful fire. “Mommy!” The little girl calls out from her bedroom doorway. “Daddy!” Holly’s innocent cries are replied to by screams of terror and perpetual roaring of flames as the inferno rages even further. The eight year old brunette slams the door shut again backs away until she reaches her bedroom window but even that doesn’t help as the inferno somehow causes the door to explode into a million pieces before working its way into the room, slowly destroying all of the girl’s belongings.

Turning towards the window, Holly throws the curtains open and struggles to open her window, looking behind her to see the fires gaining on her before at last the window pushes open, sending Holly falling from her bedroom and onto the lawn of her front yard. Coughing from the smoke, the little girl gets up and begins running from the house, calling out. “Help! Somebody! Mommy and Daddy are still in there! Anybody! Help!” The neighbours came out to find the little brunette screaming in fear and panic before slowly breaking down into tears as she watched her home collapsing with her parents still inside. Tears ran down her cheek. Eventually, she found herself sitting in a police station, still crying her blue eyes out.

“Your name is Holly, yes.” A distinct voice asked, causing eight year old Holly to look up. And now a thirty-six year old Holly Hunt awakens, laid out on an operating gurney in a laboratory that looks strangely familiar to her; on the wall near the door is a framed certificate that reads:

Stockholm Klaw Institute

The Board of Trustees of the University on recommendation of the Faculty and by virtue of the authority granted by law hereby confers upon:

Edward G. Gore

The degree of
Doctor of Psychology

The text near the bottom of the certificate is small and too faint for the helpless reporter’s dazed eyes as they slowly turned to find an imposing figure in a long white coat approaches her. His face comes into focus; thin, distinct cheekbones, dark eyes like that of a bird intensely concentrating on its prey and a mess of dark hair combed back into a weird style and a pair of lips that smile all too easily. Upon recognising this face, Holly Hunt exclaims and chatters only to discover that she can’t speak let alone scream loud enough before testing her lips to find that cloth has been stuffed into her mouth and tightly secure din with a wide, long strip of tape applied over it, smoothed over her half puffed cheeks.

Professor Edward Gore looms over the captive journalist, admiring her gorgeous body restrained effectively to the gurney with long black leather straps while matching zipties binds her hands in front. “The gentlemen I hired told me they found you sticking your nose in places you shouldn’t.” Gore sighs while Holly chatters inquisitively with furious yet nervous eyes. “I’m afraid you’re to blame for this, Miss. Hunt. If you’d have just gone straight home instead, you wouldn’t be so tied up now and you wouldn’t have to be sucking on your tights…” Listening to Gore’s convincing yet mockingly sincere remark, Holly widens her eyes in disgust as she realises what’s in her mouth while she wriggles her strapped legs against the cold of her restraints. Her black stilettos have been removed along with her stockings, making her feet and legs bare.

“I hope you understand your mistake, Miss. Hunt,” Gore strokes Holly’s furrowed brow while she whimpers at his touch. Removing his hand, Gore walks away slowly and heads for the door, turning towards another doctor, dark-haired, pale and bespectacled. “She’s all yours, Dr. Lovecraft.”

Griffith Lovecraft stepped out of the shadows to reveal himself to the tied down Holly; a slender frame, dark eyes, short, spiked brunette hair and creepy hands with long, spindly fingers. Lovecraft approaches a small cage, a vampire bat locked inside that’s been screeching the entire time since Holly regained consciousness. Taking out a tiny syringe, Lovecraft slowly and gently reaches into the cage while opening the door with his other hand before suddenly grabbing the bat by the throat as he pokes the needle into the creature’s body. “I am not afraid of you….” Lovecraft hisses intensely and with great spiteful malice as the bat’s blood extracts into the syringe. Holly watches helplessly while moaning through her layered gag and tugging at her zip bonds and straps.

Approaching the kidnapped reporter, Lovecraft gently injects the bat’s blood into Holly’s arm. “What you’re receiving is the blood of a mutated vampire bat.” Holly’s eyes widen in shock and disbelief. “MM MNWTNTDD VMMPRR BTT?!” She chatters half inquisitively and half fearfully. Lovecraft cackles, enjoying her distressed muffled noises. “I’m not killing you, Miss. Hunt. I’m merely experimenting. You will be the next stage of revolutionary science!” As Holly closes her eyes, whimpering through her gag and praying that this is all just a frightful dream, Lovecraft removes the needle from her system. He slowly pulls the black tape strip off her mouth before slowly taking the balled up stockings out. Holly gasps for air as her mouth is unpacked before looking upat the hideous scientist in contempt. “What did you just put into me?”

“I told you. The blood of a mutant vampire bat.”

Feeling something inside her shake and her heart pounding violently, Holly begins to shake as if going into a seizure. “You sick, demented puppy. You’ll pay for this!” She grits her teeth while her body shakes some more. As she unleashes a loud, insane scream, Lovecraft places his bony hand over her mouth, muffling her painful cries. Feeling the coldness of the doctor’s palm clamped tightly on her lips, Holly feels her eyes roll up and then she blacks out into nothingness…..

Holly finds herself, at first leaping magnificently from one cliff to the top of a rocky hill, only to fall a long way down. Wearing a white tank top, black tracksuit pants, matching sneakers and a backpack on her back, the then aspiring journalist feels truly, deeply and physically helpless for the first time as she is yet to fall to the ground far below when suddenly a slender hand stretches out in an instant, clutching Holly’s hand as tight as it can. The beautiful young brunette found herself dangling over a lower edge and looking up at a pretty young woman; five feet tall, long brown hair, green eyes, rosy lips and a distinct looking nose. She holds Holly’s hand with her only hand and arm because the stump where her arm used to be looks like it’s been eaten off whole.

“Don’t let go….” The woman says desperately. Holly shakes her head eagerly while placing her other hand on a sharp rock sticking out against the mountain wall to propel herself upwards, helping the woman to pull her up. Finally, the team effort pays off as Holly is now on the edge with the green-eyed girl just outside a deep cave. “Work on your jump.” The girl remarks with concern. Holly glares at her with an exhausted yet relieved expression while panting and keeping one hand on her beating heart.

Later, Holly Hunt and her one-armed rescuer sit in the haunting dark of the cave, lit by a warm fire. They dine the night away on a fresh pound of pig’s rear; this is all they have to keep their strength up and to quench their hunger.

“Where you from?” The one-armed girl asks Holly.

“Stockholm City.”

“I’ve been there once. When I was a kid. My parents were very into business. They were there for to close a deal with some wealthy person. They trusted me to stay in our apartment. Then a man claiming to be a police officer broke in and kidnapped me. There was a ransom involved.”

“Yeah, well, Stockholm City’s full of crime.”

“That’s why I’m out here. I’ve come to learn what I need to come home. To face the horrors and injustice of Stockholm. I’ve done well so far. Well…” The girl looks down at the place where her left arm used to be.  “So far, anyway.” She shrugs. Holly chuckles softly.

“So how did you….lose it?” Holly asks tenderly.

“A powerful storm and an overwhelming shipwreck. I found myself lost in the deep, raging waters. By sunrise, I swam to shore as fast as my arms and legs could take me but then, just before I reached my destination, a great white suddenly lunged at me, eating my whole arm off in one big bite. It was indescribably painful yet it got better after a while. As I lay on the beach of this island, a strange man found me. He took me into this cave,” The girl gestured her green eyes all over the dark place.

“He healed my bloody stump, helped me to rest for the first time in my life since my abduction. He trained me, taught me how to be the best at what I do. His name was Waylon, but he said he was known to his army buddies as “Righthook Waylon”, for the way he’d strike an enemy with his right fist; such a magnificent punch.” The girl remarks fondly.

Holly glares at this girl remarkably; such a slender young woman yet so much strength, so much fondness and so much passion! “How did you end up here?” The girl asks.

“Oh, it’s complicated…”

“Try me.”

“I’d rather try you another time.” Holly yawn, her body slipping down onto her back. “I’m a little tired….”

“Get some sleep. Wait,” The girl widens her eyes as if remembering something important. “What’s your name?”

“Holly. Holly Hunt…” Holly’s blue eyes close, her visions and senses fading away. “Pleased to meet you.  I’m Sara.” The girl replies softly as she watches her new companion sleep.

Time passes and the fire has been long since extinguished as both women rest in sleep. Soon shadows crepe in, footsteps silent, as a small band of foreign looking men, clad in military camouflage attire, sneak around the two women. One of them, a tall, muscular one, crouches down and seizes Sara, waking her up and alarming her enough for her to gasp. Another man, a chubby one, grabs holly, waking her up, clamping a hand on her mouth. Holly whimpers feebly while struggling against her Columbian captor’s grip while the other Columbian lightly clutches Sara’s neck.

“So thought you could hide out in the caves, eh?”

Suddenly, feeling some instinct surge through her, Holly bites down on her chubby captor’s palm. He yells before Holly silence shim with a hard blow to his big stomach. After assaulting two more men with a pounding kick and a violent strike to the face, the young brunette grabs a gun form one of the knocked down Columbians and point sit at the slender man holding her new friend. Sara looks at Holly imploringly while the captor gloats, “Go ahead, shoot and risk your new girlfriend’s life, eh.”

“Holly, don’t listen to this prick. Finish what you started.”

Her blue eyes moving back and forth between the Columbian mercenary’s gleeful eyes and Sara’s insistent pleading, Holly grips the sidearm tight, ready to pull the trigger, but then she begins to feel uneasy and sick. Slowly, she lets go of the gun and drops down onto her knees. “I can’t. I’m sorry, Sara…” She looks at Sara helplessly while the Columbian comrades holly knocked down gets back on their feet, ready to subdue the two women.  “Tie her up.” The chubby thug forces Holly’s slender wrists behind her back and fastens a ziptie firmly around them. As Holly is about to be bound hand and foot for the first time, she and Sara exchange expressions of sadness, hopelessness and downright negativity for each other.

To Be Continued….
The Hauntress: Origins I
Here we are! Another Hauntress story. Consider this a prequel to this instalment in the retconned Hauntress series. (…) In the first part of this story arc which details the origins of our gorgeous, black-clad avenger, Holly Hunt makes her latest discovery in her personal pursuit for justice and truth. But when our beloved investigative reporter is caught and held captive in the clutches of a psychotic doctor, there is no hope of rescue or escape for the brunette reporter! (as usual at this point in her career!) How will Holly Hunt get out of this scrape? And just what will become of her when she is injected with a vampire bat's blood?!

Find out and discover the first of the beginnings of a superheroine who will brighten the night!

Holly Hunt - Liv Tyler

Griffith Lovecraft - James Spader

Sara - Katharine Isabelle

Edward Gore - John Noble
Recently, I have started working on and posting the first two or three instalments in what might be on-going series of stories on DeviantArt! The Bound To Be Super stories are a series centred around superheroine versions of OCs personally created by Never-Ending-Donkey: never-ending-donkey.deviantart…

My other on-going series which I've kick-started recently is part of a larger on-going series consisting of characters and elements in the universe of a dark fantasy horror book series I'm currently still working on, entitled Zero. Some of you, my dear Watchers, may have heard of it. Well, for a while, my on-going Zeroverse saga focuses on Lady Victoria, a lovely aristocrat, and her rescuer/protector and lover John Cyphere, a man who has seen many moments in time, including the far, distant future, thus earning him the title "The Future One". Cyphere is a man with the ability to walk through time, with a little help from a metal suit.

This week, I will post a new instalment of Lady Victoria and The Future One, as well as an upcoming full crossover in the Bound To Be Super universe, which will feature a special appearance from a character I created, known as The Hauntress! So be sure to watch this space for the upcoming stories! Until then, fellow Deviants, stay cool!

PS: If you haven't read the BTBS and Zeroverse stories, here they are:



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I am an aspiring filmmaker, artist and writer. My interests are Batman, specifically Tim Burton, Animated Series, Arkham games and the Chris Nolan universe.

Favourite filmmakers include Tim Burton, Peter Jackson, Chris Nolan and Walt Disney.

Favourite actors include Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman, Zooey Deschanel, Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Liv Tyler, Tom Hardy, Andy Serkis, Sally Field and Rhys Ifans. Also am starting to become a fan of Lynda "Wonder Woman" Carter.

Favourite cartoon characters are Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Homer Simpson, Mr. Burns, Sidewhow Bob, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Quasimodo, Frollo, Phoebus and Esmerelda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Batman, The Joker and of course Harley Quinn. OOh! I forgot Jack Skellington!!

Favourite comic book characters/superhero(es): Batman, Spider-Man, V (V for Vendetta), Hellboy, The Joker, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, The red Hood, The Penguin, The Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Venom and Carnage, Iron Man, Beast from the X-Men, Wonder Woman and The Crow

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My most important and favorite persona quote:
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The boy you just tripped... He is abused enough at home.
See that man with the ugly scars... He fought for his country.
The guy you just made fun of for crying... His mother is dying.

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