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The Arsonist by CliveBarker

I used to think that Clive Barker was the Tim Burton of horror but the more I discovered his work, his stories and his artwork I found ...



The Hauntress character design and casting by PotterPoint-Zero
The Hauntress character design and casting
Artwork design was done by Art-Gem:

For more information on The Hauntress character take a look at this character profile I put together on her:…
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)
The Hauntress

Real name: Holly Hunt

Age: 37

Height: 5”10

Birthplace: Old Town, Stockholm City

Physical Appearance:
Long dark hair, blue eyes, full rosy lips and a statuesque figure, like a sexy model. Her outfit is a jet black, Gothic dominatrix ensemble with a jet black bodice, matching mask, opera gloves and boots.

Born in Old Town, once a shining jewel in Stockholm City before it became a run-down district, Holly Hunt grew up enjoying life but it wa sonly at the age of eight when tragedy and death followed her everywhere; her father lost his job, she and he family were evicted from their home and both her parents died in a fire while they were sleeping in a motel. Despite her tragic outlook and experience, Holly was the most beautiful girl growing up; dreamy, graceful; speaking with a soft, gentle yet husky voice and of course she would become increasingly beautiful as she matured.

After leaving Stockholm at the age of 25, Holly would return a new woman after a 10 year sabbatical which consisted of heavily training her mind and body to let go of her tragic past. After wnning a job at The Herald Hawk as an investigative reporter, Holly Hunt became a dreamy femme fatale with a strong sense of justice and passion for truth.

After her investigating on a deranged scientist, Griffith Lovecraft, puts her in the doctor’s clutches, Holly is used as one of his experiments before a mutated bat bites her on the neck. Instead of killing her, the venom from the mutant rodent only enhanced Holly’s newfound fighting skills and physical prowess. Her passion for justice and the truth ever stronger, the lovely Hawk reporter fashions herself an alluring black outfit to show off her beauty and allure while also striking fear into men’s hearts and thus The Hauntress is born!

Pretty soon, following on the heels of Super Jessica, Neon Nat and the damsel in yellow, Katy Katt, Holly soon found herself facing bigger, darker threats than the fiendish Dr. Lovecraft; the more fiendish Professor Edward Gore; the sadistic femme fatale Lady Satan; the deeply infatuated Toymaster, whose passion for children’s toys and unhealthy romantic and sexual obsession for Holly Hunt drives him to doing unspeakable acts of crime. Eventually, The Hauntress will attract the full attention of Luke Farrell, a very powerful billionaire playboy whose powerful obsession with both Holly Hunt and The Hauntress deepens over time as he soon discovers that both women are one and the same and will always vow to make her his eternal bride for life.

Holly’s affiliations with the Bound To Be Super gang are minuscule as she always views herself as true lone wolf, going it alone and employing fear tactics to fight crime, even after she discovers that they won’t work on the likes of Luke Farrell. She has a fascinated by Super Jessica, who once rescued her from a near death experience with Toymaster.

The upcoming retcon is where she will encounter such foes as Lady Satan and Toymaster and the deviously sadistic Luke Farrell.

The Hauntress’ only superpowers are exceptional fighting and prowess as she can jump, karate kick and sucker punch her foes but she will allow herself to be captured and tied up, only if it means, however, that she can learn information about what her enemies are planning and get out with her efficient escape artistry.

Holly can be short tempered sometimes, especially when dealing with a criminal that she can’t catch or even more so with the company of Luke Farrell, in fact, Holly finds Luke to be the one and only person in the world whom she hates and truly fears the most, because of his sadomasochistic actions, how powerful his influence is on the police are as well as his increasingly disturbing obsession with her.

Her most crucial weakness is the illegal drug heroin. Having bene previously addicted to it before she became Hauntress, Holly can now be mentally numbed by heroin or even killed by it, if she consumes too much.

She can be nabbed just as easily when she’s asleep as demonstrated in The Deadly Toys when Toymaster’s mechanical friends sneak up on a sleeping Holly and ensnared her in ropes.
Character Profile: The Hauntress
Here's a profile of The Hauntress. I created and came up with the character but the character design was done by the very talented Art-Gem: (I owe her a lof of thanks for her support and taking the time to design this character for me and you really should check out her work!)
BTBS poster by PotterPoint-Zero
BTBS poster
This is just a fun little poster I put together to promote my first BTBS crossover story!

In this first crossover in the Bound To Be Super universe, former superheroine turned villainess Neon Nat (Maria Bello) had grown more powerful and more devious then ever! Things get even worse when a beautiful reporter, Holly Hunt (Liv Tyler), is on her trail, only to get tangled up in Nat's fiendish kinky insanity!

Now it's up to Katy Katt (Ellen Page) and Super Jessica (Anne Hathaway) to rescue Holly, defeat neon Nat and save the day!!

Super Jessica, Evil Mandy, Katy Katt and Neon Nat are superheroine versions of OCs created by Never-Ending-Donkey: never-ending-donkey.deviantart…
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
October 10th 2014 – 16:00hrs

Holly Hunt sits at her office at The Herald Hawk, the newspaper where she works as an investigative reporter. Wearing a Penny Grey skirt suit with a red ascot tightly and comfortably positioned around her neck with smart black heels, the dark-haired beauty glances over newspaper articles surrounding the disappearance and mysterious deaths of several young women and the one woman whom these crimes may be linked to: Neon Nat. So far all Holly knew was that she used to be allied with Super Jessica and Katy Katt before betraying them in her own insane scramble for power. Holly sighs with frustration for she could not see a traceable pattern within Neon Nat's crimes.

Just then, the telephone rings. Uncrossing her bare legs, Holly picks up the receiver. "Hello?”

Come to the old warehouse in the Kincaid district," says a low female voice. "What is this?" Holly asks, raising an eyebrow. "A hot tip," the speaker says.  "9 PM.  Come alone.  It's about those girls." Holly nods her head, a peek of intrigue in her blue eyes. "I understand. Thank you."

"Remember: 9 PM," says the voice before hanging up.

About five hours later, around the exact time the mysterious female voice on the phone said, Holly Hunt gets out of her car, before her standing the warehouse. It seemed to be remote, too remote, much so that the beautiful reporter couldn't help but suspect a trap. Whatever the case, she kept a pepper spray can in her purse.

She enters the warehouse quietly. Finding nobody in sight, she tiptoes as quietly as possible, despite being in her best heels.  From the shadows, the fiendish, power-hungry Neon Nat smirks as she watches Holly sneak around. The way the former superheroine perceives it, with this bimbo out of the way, public suspicion will stagnate dramatically. Holly reaches into her purse, holding the pepper spray firmly and cautiously as she looks around her.

"Hello? I came about an anonymous call regarding information about the missing girls." Holly calls out. "If this is some kind of joke..."

"Oh, it's no joke," says Neon Nat.  "It's a honey pot."  The door suddenly swings and bolts shut.  "And you got stuck in it!"
Holly jumps at the sound of the supervillainess' voice and swiftly spins around to face her. She sighs and narrows her eyes. "Neon Nat! I should have known."

Neon Nat jokingly raises her hands and says, "Guilty!" Then, putting her hands on her hips, she says, "Don't even think of using that pepper spray."

Holly bites her lip and lets go of the can, slipping her hand out of her purse. "Let me guess. You have X-ray vision now?” Neon Nat chuckles malevolently.  "Among other things.  Now here's how this'll go down: you're gonna put everything you're carrying on the floor, then turn away from me and put your hands behind your back."

Scoffing slightly, Holly Hunt drops her purse before turning all of her pockets inside out for Nat to see. Once that's done, she turns around, placing her hands behind her back. "What are you gonna do, you fiend? Sit me down in a chair, in a spare room, tied up?"

"A little more than that," the supervillainess purrs, taking out a length of cord and approaching Holly.  With a sudden quickness, she binds Holly's wrists together behind her back, pulling the knots tight.  "You're in your element, sweetheart," she whispers in the reporter's ear.
Holly stares away from the whispering villainess as she tugs at her bonds. "I don't know what you're talking about. Whatever this is, you won't get away with it." Neon Nat just laughs.  "They all say that.  Katy Katt used to say it all the time when she was getting her cute little ass caught for me to save!"

She starts half-dragging, half-leading the bound reporter into the next room, where there's a chair for her.  The supervillainess shoves her captive into it. Holly grunts as she's sat down, glaring up at her powerful captor. "Just what is you scheme, Nat?"

"You'll know soon enough," Neon Nat smirks, pulling a strap of white masking tape off the wall. Holly, having crosses one bar leg over the other, widens her eyes at the oncoming white tape strip. "You wouldn't dare! You sick, power-lusting, murdering freak."

"You wound me," Nat pouts, slapping the tape over Holly's mouth and smoothing it out. "HMM!" Holly shakes her head away from Neon Nat's hands, glaring at her in contempt while Nat simply Nat chuckles and kisses the top of Holly's head.  Her fingers intertwine with the fabric of Holly's ascot.

Meanwhile, at the house Super Jessica used to share with Evil Mandy which is now the home for Katy Katt, a piece of paper slowly rolls from out of the fax machine. Katy Katt, still wearing her yellow and green outfit but with her green eye mask missing, walks into the office space/bedroom that Jessica once shared with Mandy and picks up the paper to find a photograph of Holly Hunt staring wide-eyed with a familiar Neon purple gloved hand tightly clamped over her mouth, underneath said picture is a brief message which reads:

Super Jessica
If you wanna see Miss. Hunt alive
Come to the warehouse on Kincaid!
Neon Nat XXX

Katy gasps at the sight of Holly, then her eyes narrow when she sees her former mentor's name at the bottom.  Pulling on her eye mask, Katy Katt rushes out of the house to get there first, leaving the fax behind.

Having arrived at the Kincaid warehouse where her devious ex-lover's supposed to be holding Miss. Hunt, Katy Katt enters the building and slowly steps even further in on tiptoe. All the while, back in the spare room, the attractive hostage reporter remains seated in the chair with her hands still tied behind her and her bare legs still crossed as she glares up at her seductive yet spitefully shameless captor. She still sports a wide strip of white masking tape while Neon Nat chuckles and tickles the underside of Holly's chin.

"So much for that big story you've been chasing," the villainess taunts. "I wonder how long it'll take to break you?" Holly growls through her gag as Nat taunts her. Katy Katt draws even closer to the last room, her yellow boots creaking the floorboard quietly as she tiptoes towards the door. Holly chatters helplessly at her captor while Neon Nat smooths the tape gag mercilessly, tracing her thumb over the outline of Holly's lips.

Suddenly Katy Katt bursts through the door to find her worst enemy and her hostage, the bound and gagged reporter who mumbles into her tape gag as Katy stands with hands on hips.  Neon Nat turns to the source of the noise with a gasp.

"Katy Katt!" she growls. "So, YOU found the message!"

"What? Did you think that Super Jessica would come? If you wanted her so badly, don't kidnap some civilian!" Katy looks at Holly. "You okay?" Holly nods with wide eyes. “Hmm-hmm”

"On the contrary, I wanted ANYONE to come to the rescue," smirks Nat, stepping between the young superheroine and her hostage. "I've been wanting to test my new powers for quite some time now..."

Katy clenches her gloved fist. "Nat, you leave me no choice." The petite superheroine raises her fist and charges towards her nemesis but Neon Nat, having anticipated her former lover and protégé’s oncoming action grabs the girl's wrists and slowly pulls it down before aggressively wrestling her to the floor. Holly Hunt screams helplessly at the two squabbling costumed ladies as Katy struggles against Nat’s grip. Holly looks back over her shoulder as she tugs at her wrists rope bonds, grunting into the masking tape on her mouth as she does.

"Foolish brat," Nat sneers, pinning Katy's arms behind her, "you're no match for me."

"Nat," Katy groans. "Just think about this. This isn't you."

"You're right," Nat says in a contemplative tone. "This is what I've always wanted to be." She clamps a gloved hand over Katy's mouth and jerks her into a sitting position while the young heroine whimpers.

A furiously defiant look in her blue eyes, Holly raises her stiletto-clad foot and kicks at Neon Nat’s rear end. “Agh!”  The powerful costumed villainess swiftly spins around and slaps the tape gagged reporter across the face. As Holly pants into her gag and looks at Nat furiously, the blonde villainess takes out a coil of purple rope and kneels down, tying Holly’s feet tightly together before harshly pulling the bonds.

Satisfied with the super tightness of her smartly dressed hostage’s new ankle bonds, Nat turns back to Katy who slowly tries to sneak up on her but is surprised by Nat who whirls the young woman around and quickly slips more of her Neon rope around Katy’s wrists.  

Whimpering slightly as she feels her hands being bound behind her, Katy Katt kicks her foot backward in an attempt to trip her nemesis but Nat only stumbles forward and steadies herself, keeping her hands on her new captive’s hands while leaning her weight against her body while letting out a malevolent cackle."You're suddenly feisty," she remarks, pulling Katy's wrist bonds tight. "Where was all this fight when you were my sidekick?"

"Since you went psycho!" Katy replies as her bonds are tightly pulled. Holly looks on and struggles.

"Time to quiet that nasty mouth of yours," sneers Nat, pulling Katy to her feet. In one fluid motion, she undoes and removes hostage Holly's ascot. "I'll take this." Holly widens her eyes at Nat as her ascot is removed. "HMM!" Katy tugs at her bonds. "Nat, just stop and think about what you're doing!"

"I don't need to," purrs Nat as she pulls the ascot tightly over Katy's lips. "I'm already strong enough!”  Neon Nat cackles again, this time more ominously and with greater menace. "Hmmph!" Katy grunts and shakes her new gag but to no avail. Holly squeals fearfully over her would-be rescuer as Nat ties off the gag behind Katy's head and throws the girl at Holly's feet, taking out yet another length of Neon rope.

Katy Katt looks up at Holly who glares at her. "It's gonna be okay." The vulnerable superheroine tries to say through her red OTM gag before Nat firmly binds her young former protégé’s feet together. Katy Katt looks at her nemesis in contempt and chatters, “YNN WNNT GMTT MWMY WWFH THHSS!”Nat laughs. "She's being defiant, how cute."  

Once Katy Katt is firmly tied hand and foot, Neon Nat stands up and faces her captives, hands on her hips when Katy grunts and kicks her bound feet at her captor's feet.Nat chuckles wickedly and sidesteps Katy's feeble efforts. "Too bad, Katy. Looks like you're still helpless without me to prop you up."

All the while, Holly narrows her blue eyes and yells defiantly while her bound hands struggle behind her, "YNN FRMNK!"

"I can't hear you," taunts the supervillainess.

"Can you hear this?" a beautiful voice suddenly calls out. Katy Katt and Holly Hunt look wide-eyed and scream through their gags in unison, “HMMM?!”  Super Jessica darts out of the shadows and slugs Neon Nat in the ear, taking her by surprise.

"AAAGH! Super Jessica!" The villainess snarls theatrically as she gets up, her eyes fixed on the superheroine in blue. "HLLP!" Katy Katt calls out while struggling against her bonds while the captive reporter glares at the tall brunette. Holly meanwhile chatters to Super Jessica in desperation, as if trying to warn her of something. But the gorgeous blue-clad brunette finds herself a little half occupied with Neon Nat, Katy's treacherous ex-lover and nemesis tries to lunge at Super Jessica, but the brunette counters with a karate kick.

"Just what do you think you're doing with Holly Hunt, Neon Nat?"

"Grrr! That's none of your concern, Super Jessica!"

Holly screams impatiently, rolling her eyes away from the sparring masked ladies but as she looks further away her eyes soon light up, as if noticing something. A fifth woman strides into the room as Super Jessica keep Neon Nat at bay and fires a ray at the slender brunette. Super Jessica cries out in shock and collapses to the floor, causing Holly to turn her gaze back.

Katy and the kidnapped reporter both cry out through their gags. Katy looks at both Nat and the fifth woman, crying through her OTM gag. "Hmm cmnld YNN?!"

"Hah! Got you now, 'Super' Jessica," sneers the newcomer. Neon Nat raises her eyebrow. "Not a moment too soon, Evil Mandy," she says, greeting the luscious redhead as she saunters in, wearing her usual purple outfit, a slightly noticeably different shade of purple than Neon Nat’s namesake colour.  Katy snarls at Mandy through her gag, upon seeing her emerge from the darkness.

Meanwhile Holly looks around her and secretly realises. “Even if my feet are bound so tight, this chair has wheels, meaning that it can spin around!" She thinks to herself while looking appropriately helpless.

"Well, are you just going to stand there looking cute or help me secure this bimbo?" demands Neon Nat."That is such a hideous word," snaps Evil Mandy as she helps handle the unconscious Super Jessica. They break out a roll of purple bondage tape while Katy Katt wiggles towards Neon Nat.

"Lmnve hmrr alnn!" She chatters weakly.

Evil Mandy tapes Jessica's wrists together in front and her arms to her sides while Neon Nat approaches Katy and grabs her by the hair. "Be quiet, slave!" Katy whines in pain while Holly sits quietly, waiting for the right moment. Nat mercilessly shoves Katy on the floor and says, "Kiss the wood, sweetheart." She turns back to her partner in crime, who's finished taping Jessica's ankles and legs together and is now wrapping tape around the depowered heroine's mouth to gag her. "We'd better get Super Jessie out of the way," Evil Mandy purrs while tearing at the purple tape and smoothing her superheroine ex-wife's wraparound gag to ensure its security.

Holly slowly and silently but also appropriately struggles to turn her office chair around until she faces the wall. Katy whines loudly through her gag.

"I know just the thing," Neon Nat says in a husky voice. She takes the unconscious brunette and throws her over her shoulder. Evil Mandy looks on as her partner leaves the room with her ex-lover, somewhat reluctant to let Nat be the one who takes her.

Just before Mandy leaves, Holly puts her stiletto-clad feet against the wall and with a muffled grunt pushes herself off while making the chair spin like crazy before suddenly a bright light emerges with a thunderous crashing Ouse and soon Holly Hunt becomes a sexy brunette heroine with a black domino mask on her face; a sexy black leather bodice with intense cleavage; black panties and black thigh-high boots. She stands proudly with hands on hips. Evil Mandy whirls around and gasps. "Holly the Hauntress!"

"Well, it isn't Jack the Ripper!" The Hauntress replies sharply before stepping forward. "Let THAT cowardly fiend who calls herself Neon come back here so I can show her what REAL fear feels like!" Evil Mandy backs away in terror, intimidated by the Hauntress's appearance.

Holly instantly runs out the room and after Evil Mandy at such intense speed, leaving Katy Katt to call after them through her gag. Evil Mandy runs further down the hall. "Neon Nat!" she cries out. "It's the Hauntress!"

Holly finally catches up with the two villainesses. "Neon Nat!" She cries out vindictively when Neon Nat turns around. The villainess flinches, but holds her ground.

"Ah, Holly the Hauntress. Come to save the helpless hostages?"

Holly steps even closer. "Nat, how many women have died this week? You let go of Jessica and Katy Katt and come quietly, I will arrest you fairly and without harm. I'm only gonna tell you once."

"Just once?" repeats Neon Nat. "Well, that's a relief." She sucker punches Holly in the gut as the superheroine closes in on her. The sexy vigilante gasps in pain and pants while looking up at Nat. Big talk for a bitch who can't take a punch," taunts Nat as she shoves Holly against a wall. Holly grunts, closing her eyes and collapsing to the floor, half dead and weak.

Minutes later, Neon Nat reties Holly to the chair in the room with Katy Katt. Evil Mandy leans in the doorway. Holly the Hauntress slowly comes to, her eyes half open and dazed as she lets out a soft moan. The black-clad heroine turns her head, half glancing at Evil Mandy.

"Why?" Holly seems to say.

"Did you say something?" snaps Neon Nat, harshly pulling the ankle rope bonds around Holly’s jet black boot-clad feet. Holly tries opening her eyes more to face Mandy.
"Why did you turn on Jessica?"

Evil Mandy is caught off guard by the question. "She... I didn't!" she protests. "She abandoned ME!"

"This should be good," remarks Neon Nat, fingering a roll of black tape.

"No, whatever it was, you still care for her. It's why you've never even thought of killing her. You love her don't you?"

"I... I..." Evil Mandy stammers, but before she can answer, a creepily familiar ripping noise echoes through the room as Neon Nat pulls at the tape.

"Enough chatter, let's finish this," she snarls, bringing the tape up to Holly's mouth. "It's gonna be hard to love Super Jessica after she's been split down the middle anyway." Anticipating what's coming, Holly looks at Mandy pleadingly. "Mandy, if you love her, do the right thing."

"Blah, blah, blah," Neon Nat sneers cynically, slapping the tape over her captive's mouth. Her blue eyes snapping all the way open and full of energy again, Holly grunts into her gag and glares at Nat in contemptuous anger.  Unknown to her, Evil Mandy darts out of the room, rushing towards the place where her former wife has been placed in a death trap.

In another part of the warehouse, Super Jessica struggles against her tight tape bonds as the conveyer belt brings her ever closer to her impending doom at the hands of the indoor saw mill. She chatters and squeals desperately into her gag, trying to get someone's attention, but to no avail. Just then, Evil Mandy rushes into the room, her eyes falling on her helpless lover-turned-nemesis. Jessica cries out as Mandy rushes over, dragging her off the conveyer just in time.

"I can't let you die," Mandy admits, swiftly cutting through the tape that binds Jessica.

Once free, the superheroine pulls her gag down around her neck. Why now?" she asks, but Mandy looks away truculently.

"Just go," she snaps. "There's still a day for you to save."

Back in the room upstairs, Katy Katt struggles desperately and cries into her gag while Holly stares at her captor Neon Nat, who laughs menacingly. "Now that I have both of you under my control, we can finally begin!" She holds up her hands, concentrating dark energy around them, the energy turning from Neon purple to an even darker colour. Holly chatters furiously into her gag while Katy closes her eyes and whimpers fearfully.

Just as the supervillainess is about to let loose with her powers, Super Jessica charges into the room and tackles Neon Nat. "Not today, turncoat!"

Holly exhales in relief while Katy chatters on, watching her new mentor grapple with her old one. After a brief yet engrossing struggle that soon turns ferocious, Super Jessica prevails, blasting Neon Nat in the face and knocking her out. "Sleep, foul harpy!"

Holly inhales sharply through her nose. Katy chatters gratefully through her OTM gag. Jessica rushes over to her friends and starts untying them. "Don't worry, girls, your troubles are over!" After untying Holly, Jessica pulls down Katy's gag and starts untying her as well.

Holly gently peels the tape from her mouth, gasping with relief as her mouth comes free. "Thanks, Super Jessica."

Katy gasps in a manner that’s somehow more erotic. "I'm sorry, Jessica. I made a mistake."

"It's all right, Katy Katt," Super Jessica says soothingly. "You did what you could."

Unseen by the girls, Neon Nat's finger twitches. "We've got to restrain Nat. If she wakes up, we won't stand a chance." Holly says as she stands up, placing hands on hips.

Super Jessica helps Katy to her feet, but before she can reply, Evil Mandy steps into the room. She drops a bundle on the floor and says, "Perhaps I can help."

Holly turns to face Evil Mandy. Upon seeing the redhead villainess, she raises one eyebrow. "I see you came around. What was it that changed your heart?" Katy looks on in suspense to Mandy's oncoming answer. "Nosy as ever, I see," remarks Evil Mandy as she pulls out a straitjacket and a roll of black vet wrap. "Let's just say I have some demons to conquer."

Super Jessica approaches gently and lifts up the unconscious Neon Nat, helping Mandy slip the straitjacket on her.  Evil Mandy pulls the jacket straps tight, securing Nat. Then she stuffs a wad of cloth in the unconscious villainess's mouth and begins wrapping vet wrap over Nat's lips. Mandy finishes the wraparound gag, using one of the ropes that had bound Katy to secure her former partner's feet.

"I miss you," whispers Jessica. Mandy looks at Jessica demurely, but quickly averts her gaze. "Take your friends to safety. I'm taking Neon Nat where she can't hurt anyone again."
"Come, Katy Katt." The Hauntress takes Katy gently by the hand and they both follow Super Jessica, who looks over her shoulder as her former love drags her new hostage away.

The End

Or is it....??? XXX
Bound To Be Super: The Power of Neon Natalie
In this first crossover in the Bound To Be Super universe, former superheroine turned villainess Neon Nat (Maria Bello) had grown more powerful and more devious then ever! Things get even worse when a beautiful reporter, Holly Hunt (Liv Tyler), is on her trail, only to get tangled up in Nat's fiendish kinky insanity!

Now it's up to Katy Katt (Ellen Page) and Super Jessica (Anne Hathaway) to rescue Holly, defeat neon Nat and save the day!!

Featuring guest appearance from Holly Hunt/The Hauntress!

Super Jessica, Evil Mandy, Katy Katt and Neon Nat are superheroine versions of OCs created by Never-Ending-Donkey: never-ending-donkey.deviantart…
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)
Victoria stands at the window in John Cyphere's apartment, admiring the setting sun.  She sighs deep, thinking about all the incredible things she's seen since coming here from her own time in the distant past; from her suave cousin Pierre and her younger one Clarice.
John slowly steps out, approaching his newfound love form behind,  and gently grasps Victoria's lovely neck and lovingly caresses it, leaning behind her. "It's beautiful, isn't it?"
"It is," she murmurs, smiling and clasping Cyphere's hand with hers as he kisses her soft cheek. "I love you," whispers Victoria.  “And I love you…” John Cyphere whispers softly into her ear.

Hours later, after long passionate sex, Cyphere lies in bed with Victoria, stroking her long dark hair. The lovely former noblewoman snuggles up to Cyphere and says, "I wonder about the future."
"Well," John turns white as if he’s just seen some nightmarish spectre in the dark.
Victoria lifts her head off her pillow, the ends of her long dark brown hair, once in the form of curls and now straight strands, resting lightly on the pillow itself. She looks at John with serious yet calm worry. “John… What’s troubling you?”

Touched emotionally by Victoria gently placing a hand on his cheek, John Cyphere looks Victoria in the eye and murmurs, “I can’t lie to you, Victoria. The truth is…” Just as Cyphere starts speaking, there is a sudden knock at the door. "No."  Victoria slips out a gasp but within an instant, John gently puts his hand over her mouth. "Keep quiet. We have to get out of here." Having gotten used to Cyphere's mannerisms, Victoria realizes something is at stake and nods quietly. He lets go of her mouth but then as he gets up, a strange foreign voice speaks in its native tongue, intending to say "Housekeeping." but it comes across as uncomfortably silly and yet somewhat creepy, mostly because of the richness of the owner’s voice. As the foreign voice exclaims orders, John slowly gets up and puts on his metal suit. Victoria grips the edge of the bed nervously, anticipating her kidnapping at the hands of the pirates all over again, while her brown eyes watch the man she loves finish applying the remainder of his distinctive time walking suit. Suddenly the door breaks down, the foreign voice becoming more clear as it shouts some indistinct order as footsteps approach. 

Soon a dull, bland voice calls out, “John! We know you’re there! I know you’re there!” Cyphere tenses up; he knows that voice! "Victoria, get behind me!" Victoria steps behind Cyphere, wearing a simple white dress, as footsteps approach even further until…. In the bedroom doorway stands a strangely dressed middle-aged brooding man of Asian descent, clad in a bizarre tech suit and brandishing a katana blade. He utters a strange exclamation in the strange foreign language the two lovers had heard as he storms into the bedroom, katana in hand. "John Cyphere. And the princess who's out of her time! The Lady in White!"

"Ni-san, one of the most powerful and richest men from this time. He once made a deal with the Skeleton and now he always puts that sword of his in and out of the flesh of his back. Right, Ni-san?"

Two men run up behind Ni-san, who points his blade. "Seize the girl!" Victoria wraps her arms around Cyphere's waist, as if to say, "Do something!“ causing the time walker’s cocky smile to change into a concerned and cautious grimace. With that, John Cyphere suddenly lunges at the goons and punches them across the face with his metallic glove. Ni-san counters the fist with his sword as the time walker strikes at him while Victoria lets out a ragged gasp, but keeps her cool and stays close to Cyphere as best as she can. The iron fist and blade clash. "You're just the time hopping offspring of a demonic being. That's why you cannot save this woman!" Ni-sna sneers in a fiendish and gritty snarl. Victoria listens, but says nothing. “My John, the offspring of a demonic entity?” She thinks to herself. “He did say that his father was a powerful man.”


"I can save her, even if I die trying. Cause I LOVE her!" Cyphere aggressively shoves himself against Ni-san, pushing him against the wall and drawing the blade against Ni-san's throat. "Run, Victoria!" Victoria runs for her life, darting out into the hallway in pursuit of leaving the apartment, all while lifting the skirt of her white dress ever so slightly as she runs. All the while, Ni-san snarls with gritted teeth. "You won't kill me."

Cyphere leans in. "No, I won't. Cause I choose not to and I'm better than filth like you." Cyphere presses the blade enough to bleed the man's neck before dropping him to the floor. The cocky time walker grits his teeth, his face contorting like that of a vicious monster, a dark side which Victoria has never seen, before panting in exhaustion. Out in the hallway, Victoria runs on, when suddenly terrible hands reach out and grab h

At the sound of his lover’s screams, Cypher turns and runs into the hall when he sees a familiar old man with one arm wrapped around Victoria's waist and his gloved hand draped around her neck. "Now don't be foolish, son." Lou Cyphere says demandingly.

"Father," John says as he looks at his helpless lover who looks at him pleadingly.

Lou mercilessly gropes Victoria's breast while rubbing her neck. "You know HE wants this woman badly. Don't make things any worse." As John’s ruthless father fixes his attention on the younger Cyphere, Victoria quietly reaches up toward Lou's head, careful to keep her hands out of his view. Lou grabs Victoria's mouth, gagging her. "Don't follow us or she dies." Lou drags her along and out the door as John stands. He slowly runs after them as the so-called “Lady in White” whimpers loudly into the gloved hand of Lou Cyphere.

"Come now, my girl. Don't make this any harder." The elderly demon, disguised in man flesh, drags the hand gagged lady out the door and near a window. Victoria looks around for John as they reach the window.

Suddenly John runs out and leaps towards Lou, pushing them and himself out through the window with Loud still holding and gagging the girl he loves, who instantly  takes that moment to force her fingers into Lou's eyes. The elderly hellspring  screams and lets go of Victoria's mouth and body as John suddenly takes her by the arms. "I won't let you go!" John yells at her with extreme passion as he punches the circle on his armour. "GO BACK TO OBLIVION!!!" Lou hollers as he suddenly hits the ground and falls half dead.

Meanwhile, the time walker and his love disappear and find themselves in a remote glade or forest. Victoria, who had shut her eyes tight as they were falling, opens them and sees where they are.
  "Which way did we go?" she asks innocently.

 "Well," John gets off of Victoria and gets up. "One moment we were falling down, but as we jumped through, we went upwards," he extends his hand to help her up. "Does that make any sense?"

 Victoria laughs softly.  "I meant in time.  Are we in the past, or the future?"


"I'm not sure," John looks around. “Well, I can safely say they’ve got yet another nickname for me: The Time Faller or perhaps The Time Flyer!” He chuckles jokingly.

From afar, there's a little girl running and laughing as she chases a butterfly. Hearing the child's laughter, Victoria turns and sees the girl. Realising what's coming, John slowly backs away and disappears behind a bush as Victoria smiles and approaches the happy child, transfixed by her appearance.The restless girl stops as she sees the butterfly soar up into the air. Victoria can't help but giggle at the girl's whimsical expression but this only startle the child. As the innocent female child looks at Lady Victoria, the noblewoman herself realises that both the little girl and herself share a striking resemblance; dreamy brown eyes, brown straight strands of hair. The girl slowly and nervously backs away.

"Don't worry, I cannot hurt you," Victoria says gently.

 "I shouldn't speak to strangers." The child says timidly as she stops in her steps.

 “Am I strange?” Victoria asks innocently. The little girl cocks her head to the side, narrowing her eyes. “I don’t know….”

 Victoria bends down, lowering herself to the girl’s height level while adjusting her skirt as she does. "My name is Victoria.  I am a visitor."

 "Are you a princess?" The little girl asks, her same brown eyes staring into Victoria's own identical eyes.

 Victoria ponders the question for a moment, then says, "Yes.  I have wandered far from my kingdom."

 "Why? Did you get kidnapped?" She ask, gently putting her left thumb to her mouth. "Yes, I was," Victoria replies in a soft voice, folding her hands in front of her.  "But I was fortunate to meet my true love..." To her surprise, these words flow from Victoria with no problem, though her introspection cannot be seen by the little girl.

 The girl beams her eyes. "Someday I'm gonna be a princess and find my true love!" Unknown to either Victoria or the sweet child, Cyphere has a quick flashback of sorts; an image of a wrinkled figure with pale green flesh and old, jet black hair standing before a woman resembling Victoria, clad in a long black cloth with long black hair and pale green flesh, staring at this elderly looking figure with dark brown eyes which briefly turn sparkling green. As this scenario plays out in John’s mind, the little girl’s words echo, “Someday I'm gonna be a princess and find my true love!" Victoria laughs softly, giving the girl a beautiful smile.  "I have no doubt you shall, my dear."

 "I have to go home now." The girl smiles back. "It was grand to meet you, my dear," Victoria says.  "May I know your name?"

 The girl looks down. “Ma and Pa couldn’t find a good name for me so they chose to name me “Ducky”.”

 “Well, I’m certain one day they’ll find a better name for you.” Victoria announces fondly.

 The girl happily turns and merrily runs back the way she came. John slowly creeps up from behind Victoria with a tear running down his cheek.

"Farewell, Yusur," Victoria silently whispers to herself as “Ducky” heads off. 

She stands there quietly, realizing how closely the little girl resembled herself.

John sniffles. "She's beautiful, isn't she?"

 "She is," Victoria murmurs.

 "She’s the child of your mind and heart,” John remarks fondly, though this comment catches Victoria’s ear as she turns toward a teary John Cyphere.

 “You know something about her, don’t you?”

 John looks Victoria in the eye yet says nothing. Victoria walks up to him slowly. “What were you going to tell me back at your apartment? Please tell me the truth.”

 “She’s our child; OUR daughter.”

 Victoria widens her eyes slightly in some kind of disbelief and yet something in her heart informs her that this would be no such surprise. "How long have you known this?"

John trembles. “I’m sorry, Victoria. Our little girl doesn’t live with us here. Not anywhere. In fact, she can’t live with us at all, especially not with you because…” John falters and his head collapses on Victoria’s shoulder, as he sobs quietly.

 Victoria strokes John’s hair comfortingly.  "I die before she can see me, don't I?"

 After a moment of silent crying, John answers in a soft whimper. “You'll see her. But she won't see you. I mean, she'll see you but she'll only have a dream, a vague glimpse of seeing your face after you bring her into the world. You die in childbirth. I can't explain it, I'm sorry..." John slips his face form the noblewoman’s shoulder before falling to his knees before her, his head hanging down. "I've disappointed you, I beg you. Leave me, if that is what you wish.”

 Victoria kneels next to John and embraces him, rubbing his tears away. John gently takes Victoria’s hand just when she finishes rubbing his tears away. “"She will...She will live very well, my lady." John holds her face lovingly.

 Victoria smiles.  "That is good."


John Cyphere leans in and plants a long, passionate and engrossing kiss on Victoria's lips while she herself returns the kiss with a more furious one, enjoying the company of the man she loves and feeling completely at peace as they both sink deeper onto the soft, leaf-riddled grass and continue to kiss and grope each other against a late autumn sunset, reflected against the red and yellow autumn leaves that still remain on the branches.

Back in modern times, a broken Lou Cyphere moans in pain when a mysterious skeletal figure in a dark suit and tie approaches. "The Skeleton," Cyphere utters as the skeleton glares down at him with red dots for pupils inside his black emotionless sockets.

"Broken bones," The Skeleton sneers eerily. "Another price for letting somebody zap you with a Dolly stun gun."

Cyphere grunts. "You gonna help me or not?" The Skeleton tuts. "Remember who's REALLY in charge here." He pulls up a wheelchair and helps Cyphere up in it before taking him up to John’s apartment where Ni-san remains unconscious and bleeding.

Cyphere and The Skeleton sit in the living room. Having poured himself a glass of wine, the skeleton passionately drinks down the glass. "I will find Lady Victoria myself. Meanwhile, I need you to take good care of a girl of this time for me."

He takes out a file and hands it to Cyphere. "Kirsty Victoria Akerman, a gorgeous twenty-something year old with a passion for theatricality and a subconscious addiction to danger and helplessness. Her boyfriend is a jock. Together they attended Genesis Manor School where they helped each other solve the most bizarre of crimes while foiling our plans in the process. I know you've encountered her in the past. Sat in a chair in the school hall, bound and gagged with a bomb strapped to her. You were much...younger then. She now works at DID, that is Dearly Independent Dreams, a special agency for alluring models. I've tried to shut her up for the last few years but to silence her, YOU must drive he rout of her mind!"

 "I'd have to be an angel to reject that assignment." Cyphere grins evilly.

To Be Continued.....



The Future One and The Lady III
In this fourth story featuring the time walker John Cyphere and the woman he loves, Lady Victoria, the two time-corssed lovers learn the truth about Victoria's detsiny.
Recently, I have started working on and posting the first two or three instalments in what might be on-going series of stories on DeviantArt! The Bound To Be Super stories are a series centred around superheroine versions of OCs personally created by Never-Ending-Donkey: never-ending-donkey.deviantart…

My other on-going series which I've kick-started recently is part of a larger on-going series consisting of characters and elements in the universe of a dark fantasy horror book series I'm currently still working on, entitled Zero. Some of you, my dear Watchers, may have heard of it. Well, for a while, my on-going Zeroverse saga focuses on Lady Victoria, a lovely aristocrat, and her rescuer/protector and lover John Cyphere, a man who has seen many moments in time, including the far, distant future, thus earning him the title "The Future One". Cyphere is a man with the ability to walk through time, with a little help from a metal suit.

This week, I will post a new instalment of Lady Victoria and The Future One, as well as an upcoming full crossover in the Bound To Be Super universe, which will feature a special appearance from a character I created, known as The Hauntress! So be sure to watch this space for the upcoming stories! Until then, fellow Deviants, stay cool!

PS: If you haven't read the BTBS and Zeroverse stories, here they are:



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I am an aspiring filmmaker, artist and writer. My interests are Batman, specifically Tim Burton, Animated Series, Arkham games and the Chris Nolan universe.

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