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The Arsonist by CliveBarker

I used to think that Clive Barker was the Tim Burton of horror but the more I discovered his work, his stories and his artwork I found ...



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(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
A dark freighter looms over the bay of Port Atkins, silent as a mute ghost.  Ropes fly down followed by a few crew members; one of them a big,hulking beats of a man with an utterly bald head, in fact there is hardly a single hair on his body; the second a dorky little gentleman pirate with a pair of glasses, one of the lenses broken and the rest of the few members were pale, average height yet considerably tall with scars on their faces. After slitting several innocent throats in the night, these fiendish creeps giggle and exclaim gleefully while the big one simply broods as they head for a vast manor house.

While the pirates' creepy jeers echo through the night air, Lady Victoria, a beautiful young lady with long dark brown hair and dark eyes and a lovely bodacious slender body, looks out her window to see the pirates approach her home as her maidservants panic. Despite the presence of a fliplock pistol,she knows she has no hope of properly handling it or even loading it.

Suddenly the window flip open as the gentleman pirate, Deep Throat Theodore, pounces on a particular maidservant who cries out in fear. "Hello fair maiden!" The girl screams in terror. Victoria hurries down the stairs, realizing she stands no chance of survival if she tries to flee. " That ain't her, you little fuck!" The big, bald pirate, Lobo, shouts at Deep Throat, before looking at Victoria, who stands at the foot of the stairs, as more pirates barge in, one of them kicking the door down.

"Please, if you have come for me I will come quietly," Victoria exclaims. Two pirates grab at Victoria's arms, restraining them firmly. They force he rout through the front door. "Deep Throat!" Lobo exclaims to the gentleman pirate, who nods back and takes out a thin black piece of cloth between his clenched hands and brings it closer. Victoria shakes her head. "There is no need for that, I promise not to scream..." As Victoria trails off, knowing it's hardly any use to protest further, Deep Throat shoves the middle of the cloth into Victoria's before tying off the ends at the back of her head. Lobo takes out a coil of rope. "Hold her hands out." Victoria whimpers and chews the gag before another pirate pins the damsel's wrists in front as Lobo starts tying them up with rope while Victoria shakes her head, chattering into her gag.

"Bring her onboard, mates!" Lobo chuckles after finishing Victoria's bonds. They start forcing her onto their menacing freighter while she whines into her gag as she's forced along while tugging at her bonds.Once aboard the ship, the captain steps outside to greet Victoria, while a few of his crew keep hold of her arms. He bows before the captive lady, sporting a bloody red pirate outfit with a jet black hat atop his head. Upon seeing the captain greeting her, Victoria assumes a stoic demeanour and stops whining. The captain touches her chin. He has a narrow scar over his left eye. "We're so pleased that you could join us!" Victoria does her best to keep a stiff upper lip, but visibly chews her gag before the captain her cheek. "Yes, you will do perfectly!" Victoria lets out an alarmed squeak and twitches her hands. "Take her straight to my quarters. Secure her to a chair. I will attend to our new shipmate shortly. And put a gag over her mouth."

As the captain heads off to another part of the ship, Deep Throat and Lobo force Victoria into the captain's room, with the kidnapped maiden trying to a total fault to carry herself with as much dignity as she can, bound and gagged as she is. Deep Throat sits Victoria down in the captain's chair. Lobo produces a long rope and fastens it around her upper waist, arms and the board of the seat. Once Victoria is securely tied, Deep Throat undoes her gag, removing it from her mouth. Victoria gasps as the gag leaves her mouth and looks up at the captain pleadingly. "Why are these ropes necessary? Am I that much of a threat to you?"

"Hardly. I like my women bound is all." The captain produces a thick bandana-like cloth from his pocket. Deep Throat caresses Victoria's neck.Victoria sharply turns her head away from Deep Throat to emphasize her disgust for him as the captain brings the cloth closer. Realizing her pleas won't get her anywhere and that no one can help her, Victoria reverts to her earlier stoicism as the fiendish seaman pulls the gag over and around her mouth harshly. Victoria tightly shuts her eyes as the gag tightly covers her mouth."Leave us maties. You can play with the princess after daybreak." The captain says to his crew as he firmly ties the ends of the gag off at the back of Victoria's head.


The captain starts pulling Victoria's white gown until her bare breasts are hanging out. He cackles with enjoyment as his elegant prisoner breathes through her nose and swallows, keeping her eyes shut. "Blow my cock till next Tuesday!" The captain exclaims gleefully as he squeezes her breasts. Victoria screams helplessly. "HMM!" The captain takes out a knife and starts cutting the most of Victoria's skirt off."Well, no undergarments, my lady!" Victoria's eyes widen in alarm and she screams into her gag while the captain unzips his pants and prepares to penetrate Victoria, who closes her eyes, making a silent prayer as she realizes her rape is inevitable.

Later, the captain sleeps beside the bound lady, her gag pulled down, yet his hand covers her mouth as the dawn turns into day. Quivering and sobbing from the pain of her orgasmic torture, Victoria lies awake throughout the night. Suddenly as sunlight shines through the windows, Lobo barges in, waking the captain who suddenly seizes the hostage by her chest with his hand clamped over her whimpering mouth more firmly."What is the meaning of this, Lobo?!" The hulking man pants like a wildebeest. "There is a stowaway inboard. It's as if he appeared out of nowhere like a ghost." Though she keeps it hidden, Victoria feels a slight glimmer of hope for rescue. "He's strangely dressed." Lobo remarks.The captain begrudgingly and hurriedly gets dressed and grabs Victoria, forcing her up."All right, show me to this 'stowaway.'"

Lobo leads the captain and the mewling hostage out onto the deck. In the centre of the deck stands a tall, handsome young man with a scar down his entire face. He wears a black long jacket which ends to his thighs. Beneath it, he wears a strange metallic top with black pants and smart black shoes. The captain approaches the stranger with a harsh gaze. "Who are you, and why are you on my ship, conjurer?"

The stranger approaches the seamsn slowly. "John Cypher! I come only for some excitement. I come from the far future!" The crew starts shouting among themselves. Deep Throat scratches his head. "Whuh-what's in the far-future?" The captain slaps the back of Deep Throat's head. "I will ask the questions here, Theodore." Victoria watches John quietly, her hope slowly giving way to dread.

"If you're thinking of capturing me.." Cypher taps the circle in the centre of his metal top before suddenly vanishing. A deathly silence falls over the crew as they glance around for the mysterious sorcerer. "..don't!" Cypher suddenly appears behind Lobo and quickly slashes his head off with a big and sharp razor blade.

"I don't intend on making enemies today. So please don't give me any crap!" The captain backs away, motioning for his crew to keep from drawing their weapons. Victoria flinches and whimpers loudly into her tightly-retied gag."There was no need to do that!" the captain exclaims. "Just had to make sure. What with the fact you've taken a prisoner rather mercilessly. I've always known you know." Cypher places his blade back in his belt. "Please take Victoria's gag off but leave her bound."Deep Throat undoes Victoria's gag. She gasps for breath.

"Lady Victoria. Or would you like to be called Vicky?" Cypher asks with a friendly yet sly grin. "H-how do you know my name?" Victoria whimpers. "I guess I have my ways of knowing." Cypher takes out a roll of silver material. The pirates shrink back, expecting some other kind of terrifying futuristic weapon. "N-no need for any more attacks," the captain flounders while Victoria looks on apprehensively. "That would depend on one's perspective, not to mention their situation. This is merely for Lady Victoria."

"What have I ever done to you?" Victoria exclaims, eyeing the strange silvery substance."I wanna have as much fun as your captors!" Cypher pulls at the roll, a long strip pulled as a loud ripping noise fills the air. Cypher tears off a wide strip of this material."Anybody wanna guess what I intend to do with this?" He comes closer to the bound lady with the tape gripped between his hands.

"Put it on her mouth?" Deep Throat blurts out.

Cypher brings the tape to Victoria's mouth. "Last words, Vicky?"

"Please," Victoria sobs, "please don't call me Vicky."

"Okay." Cypher slaps the tape on Victoria's mouth.

"Mmm?" Victoria mumbles in confusion as her mouth is covered.

"Feels good, being muffled by adhesive gagging." Cypher gropes his tape gagged acquaintance. Victoria squeaks into her gag. The captain suddenly steps forward. "That is all well and good, but where are you going with this?" he growls. Cypher throws the tape roll at the captain. "The next level of kidnapping, baby!" He holds the bound and gagged Victoria into him with one arm wrapped around her. She squeals into her gag while the captain catches the roll.

"Now if you'll excuse us.." Smacking the circle on his metal top, Cypher and Victoria suddenly vanish. They arrive back on where Victoria was captured, except they're on the beach outskirts.

"Home and dry." Cypher remarks as he looks around, letting go of Victoria. "Hmm?!" She cries, now thoroughly confused. "All right." Cypher rips the tape from Victoria's mouth, the captive woman gasping as the tape stings her face. "Wh-what did you do back there? Why did you torment me?"

"Just having a little fun. Now let's get you someplace safe and slightly comfortable." Cypher forces Victoria to a nearby tree. He then takes out a cool of black rope and ties her to the tree. Victoria struggles weakly against her bonds, exhausted from her ordeal on the pirate ship, as the mysterious and strange future being binds her securely to the tree with rope bound around her waist and her wrists tied together.

"You remind me of a female I once knew." Cypher caresses her face.

"I guess you tied her up as well." Victoria states assumingly.

"Nah. This, for me, is a first." He continues to caress her cheek as he pulls in, kissing her passionately on the lips.Victoria is too frightened to resist, nor to enjoy Cypher's attention, allowing her tongue to slip into Cypher's mouth.

Cypher breaks the kiss as he takes out a roll of black tape. As he tears off a new strip, he says "Better cry for help if you don't wanna be stuck here forever." Victoria shakes her head. "You would just kill me and anyone who answers." She says, as if assuming this.
I'm not a full on killer plus I like you. You're important. Now scream." Cypher brings the tape to her mouth. HELP!" cries Victoria weakly. "PLEASE, SOMEONE, HELP!" Cypher smacks the tape on Victoria's mouth, leaving her to let out muffled wails, just when a young gentleman runs toward her echoed screaming. "We'll see each other again soon." Cypher leans in and kisses Victoria before disappearing.

The gentleman, clad in a white shirt and dark pants and black boots, hurries toward the tree-tied Victoria, who makes pleading eyes at the stranger and whimpers into her anachronistic gag while he stares remarkably at this unusual material applied on her mouth.


"Sorry." He pulls the tape from Victoria's mouth. The formerly captive lady gasps and flexes her bound hands. "Thank you." The gentleman starts untying her bonds. "How did you end up this way?"

"I was abducted from my manor by pirates, and the captain had his way with me. What happened next... I still cannot believe it..." As she explains, Victoria flexes her hands and muscles as her body is free from the tree. It's all right now. You're safe." He puts his hand to Victoria's face after untying her.

Victoria's stoic facade finally crumbles and she starts to cry, smiling timidly at her rescuer. "Everything's all right, my lady." The rugged gentleman pulls Victoria in for a comforting embrace. As Victoria hugs back, her mind still wanders toward the question of who John Cypher is, who he may have been and where exactly in the future did he come from....
The Lady, The Pirates and The Future One
This short story, believe it or not, is the first part of an on-going story arc which is yet to play a small role in my Zero saga. That said, this takes place within the Zero universe, just in a different time period. I see Hellraiser star Ashley Laurence playing Lady Victoria, the helpless heroine of this piece.
Bound To Be Super by PotterPoint-Zero
Bound To Be Super
In an extraordinarily sexy crossover, Mandy and Jessica (Amy Adams and Anne Hathaway) join up with Katy and Natalie (Ellen Page and Maria Bello) in Bound To Be Super!

Super Jessica lives a life of fighting crime with her beautiful lover Mandy, but strange circumstances has led to Mandy breaking off the relationship and becoming Evil Mandy! (Though she still takes some kind of fancy to the brunette superheroine!)

Meanwhile, Neon Nat, having taken a lovely young brunette under her wing known as Katy Katt, has committed herself to fighting against the forces of evil, But when Nat is endowed with awesome dark powers and betrays Katy Katt as a result to live her newfound fate as a supervillainess, Katy Katt soon finds herself fighting alongside Super Jessica in a daring and gloriously sexy battle against their respective former girlfriends!

Characters created by Never-Ending-Donkey: never-ending-donkey.deviantart…
Poster and super alter egos created by PotterPoint-Zero:…
An Impossible and Powerful Dream (Jack and Kirsty) by PotterPoint-Zero
An Impossible and Powerful Dream (Jack and Kirsty)
When Jack shows signs of attraction towards his high school teacher Kirsty, things begin to feel uneasy for her. But then very slowly, through a series of unexpected and most surprising events, something happens, as if in a most impossible dream, that changes both their lives forever.

This poster features
Liv Tyler as Kirsty
Ezra Miller as Jack
A Reunion by PotterPoint-Zero
A Reunion
They once met at her older sister's engagement party and it was good. She was sad and he lifted her spirits and it was good. He broke off the engagement and it was bad. He got into a terrible accident and came out with scars, some were hard to heal while others became impossible to heal. Until his former fiancé's younger sister comes to stay and then things get better...

Characters created by Never-Ending-Donkey: never-ending-donkey.deviantart…

Evanna Lynch as Emily
Michael Pitt as Adam
Princess Catherine (Jenna Coleman) by PotterPoint-Zero
Princess Catherine (Jenna Coleman)
This is simply a character poster dedicated to Princess Catherine. The poster speaks for itself.
After a few months of hiatus, I, PotterPoint-Zero, have returned to DA! However, I will not be here as often as I used to but fear not, dear watchers and fellow Deviants, I will post new work on my gallery as well as find more art to put in my Favourites folder! I will maybe post three if not more pieces of my own art on here each month unless I'm out of ideas!


PotterPoint-Zero's Profile Picture
Aspiring Filmmaker/Writer/Autistic
United Kingdom
I am an aspiring filmmaker, artist and writer. My interests are Batman, specifically Tim Burton, Animated Series, Arkham games and the Chris Nolan universe.

Favourite filmmakers include Tim Burton, Peter Jackson, Chris Nolan and Walt Disney.

Favourite actors include Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman, Zooey Deschanel, Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Liv Tyler, Tom Hardy, Andy Serkis, Sally Field and Rhys Ifans. Also am starting to become a fan of Lynda "Wonder Woman" Carter.

Favourite cartoon characters are Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Homer Simpson, Mr. Burns, Sidewhow Bob, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Quasimodo, Frollo, Phoebus and Esmerelda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Batman, The Joker and of course Harley Quinn. OOh! I forgot Jack Skellington!!

Favourite comic book characters/superhero(es): Batman, Spider-Man, V (V for Vendetta), Hellboy, The Joker, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, The red Hood, The Penguin, The Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Venom and Carnage, Iron Man, Beast from the X-Men, Wonder Woman and The Crow

Personal quotes: 1): A firearm is an Idiot's Instrument; loud, infernal, dangerous and stupid!

My most important and favorite persona quote:
The girl you just called fat... She's overdosing on diet pills.
The girl you just called ugly... She spends hours putting makeup on hoping people will like her.
The boy you just tripped... He is abused enough at home.
See that man with the ugly scars... He fought for his country.
The guy you just made fun of for crying... His mother is dying.

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